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Unknown, potter, Iran


Frank Brangwyn Collection


fritware (stonepaste)


Islamic pottery; category
Sultanabad ware; category


circa 1260 circa 1399




late 13th - 14th century


fritware painted in polychrome under a white glaze
fritware, probably mould made, painted in blue, turquoise, purple and black under a transparent white glaze.
Shape: shallow, flat bottomed dish with a slightly flaring profile and a flat, everted rim. Supported on four lion shaped feet that are applied to the base.
Interior: rim is painted blue. In the roundel a horse, with blue, white and black stripped coat and a saddle, is painted on a background of vegetal foliage of black feathery fronds and polychrome leaves.
Exterior: the body is painted with four blue dots, while two of the feet are also dotted with blue.


moulding; whole
painting underglaze; interior; blue, turquoise, purple and black
painting underglaze; exterior body, feet; blue
glazing (coating); interior; white, transparent
glazing (coating); exterior body, feet; white, transparent


fritware; whole
pigment; interior; blue, turquoise, purple and black
pigment; exterior body, feet; blue
glaze; interior; white, transparent
glaze; exterior body, feet; white, transparent


fritware, probably mould made, painted in blue, turquoise, purple and black under a transparent white glaze


height, whole, 6.2, cm
width, whole, 18.1, cm
diameter, rim, 16.8, cm
diameter, base, 15.7, cm
weight, whole, 346, g


bought; 1935; Brangwyn, Frank


Frank Brangwyn RA, from whom purchased

Acquisition Credit:

Purchased with the Glaisher Fund


label; exterior base (underside of foot ring); printed, typed, hand written; “Lent by” (printed), “Brangwyn” (typed), "145" (hand written in black), "62" and "57" (hand written in pencil); rectangular paper label with serrated edge around bottom and right hand edge; Possibly Victoria and Albert Museum label
label; exterior base (underside of foot ring); printed in black; not transcribed; pink rectangular label with serrated edge; Iranian export label


old number; BP.145; Brangwyn collection


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Object Number: C.103-1935
(Applied Arts)
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