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Dish: A Voyage to the Moon

Maker(s) &

Frank, Richard, potter, England, Bristol
Temple Back Pottery, pottery, England, Bristol
Flower, Joseph, painter, England, Bristol


The initials on the back are for the painter, Joseph Flower. The design was taken from the frontispiece to 'The Man in the Moone; or A Discourse of a Voyage Thither by Domingo Gonsales, the Speedy Messenger' the pseudonym of Francis Godwin (1562-1633), Bishop successively of Llandaff and Hereford. Published in 1638, it was one of the earliest works of science fiction in English. There were several editions of the book, and the print is not always situated at the front..


J. W. L. Glaisher


tin-glazed earthenware; English delftware


English delftware; category




mid 18th Century; George II


tin-glazed earthenware painted in blue with a scene entitled ‘A VOYAGE TO/The MOON by/Domingo Gonsales/from the Ile of/ Teneriffe’.
Tin-glazed earthenware painted in blue and reddish-brown. Circular, with a narrow rim and shallow curved well, standing on a footring. The front is decorated with a scene showing a steep hill with sponged trees around its base surrounded on three sides by the sea. Overhead a man seated on a bar is carried upwards by birds towards a crescent moon at top left. Below, to the left of the rock is a shaped panel inscribed, ‘A Voyage to/The MOON by/Domingo Gonsales/from the Ile of/ Teneriffe’. To the left of it there is a ship under sail flying the English flag and two smaller sailing boats, and in the foreground there are three manned rowing boats. The edge is reddish-brown. The back is signed in blue, ‘I.F./1740/. At the junction of the rim and well there are alternating III and motifs resembling twigs.


moulding; whole
tin-glazing; whole
painting; decoration; in cobalt-blue


earthenware; whole
tin-glaze; whole
cobalt; decoration


earthenware, moulded, tin-glazed, and painted in cobalt-blue


height, whole, cm
diameter, whole, 33.8, cm


bequeathed; 1928-12-07; Glaisher, J. W. L., Dr


Mr W.C. Wells, Le Chalet, East Lane, Wembley, who offered it to Dr J.W.L. Glaisher in a letter of 24 May 1915 for £6.10s.0d. Glaisher accepted the offer, and the dish arrived in Cambridge, on 31 May.


Wells, W. C.; former owner

Acquisition Credit:

Dr J.W.L. Glaisher Bequest


inscription; on front; painted in blue; A VOYAGE TO/The MOON by/Domingo Gonsales/from the Ile of/ Teneriffe
initials and date; on back; painted in blue; I.F./1740/.; initials of the painter Joseph Flower and date of manufacture


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Source Title: Ars Ceramica 25 (July-2013) : 86-90

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Object Number: C.1567-1928
(Applied Arts)
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