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Venus and Cupid with a lute-player


Vecellio, Tiziano; painter; Italian artist, 1489/90-1576






1555 1565


Italian; Venetian School


painting (image-making)


oil paint; medium
canvas; support


oil on canvas


height, 150.5, cm
width, 196.8, cm


bequeathed; 1816; Fitzwilliam, Richard, 7th Viscount


probably coll. Emperor Rudolf II (d.1612); Imperial collection, Prague, by 1621; taken to Sweden after the fall of Prague, 1648; Queen Christina of Sweden, Rome (d. 1689); Orleans family; exh. for sale, London, Lyceum, 1798/9 (199), bt. Viscount Fitzwilliam


A further copy in enamel was executed by Horace Hone for Lord Fitzwilliam in 1815 and is still in the Museum (no. 459). When the Fitzwilliam pictures were exhibited at the Perse School, both the Titian and miniature copy were seen by Coleridge (Table Talk), who commented harshly on the miniature. Engraved: by J. Brouilliard in J. Couché, 'Galerie du Palais Royal', (1808), II; by J. Duchesne ainé, 'Musée de Peinture et de Sculpture', (1828), I, no. 710.


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detail of the open bassus partbook, showing the use of the F5 clef


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