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Burne-Jones, Edward; draughtsman; British artist, 1833-1898


album; drawing






Eighty drawings. Binding of pigskin and oak boards. As John Christian has pointed out, the pigskin spine and oak boards of the binding recall the 48 deluxe copies of the Kelmscott Chaucer, published in 1896. They were bound in full white pigskin over oak boards by the Doves Bindery set up near Morris's house in Hammersmith by T.J. Cobden-Sanderson in 1893. PD.58-1998.f.71 is blank and therefore not recorded elsewhere.


John Christian has suggested that this album may have been compiled by Aglaia Coronio, a close friend of Morris, or by one of her relations, possibly her daughter alliope. Her brother Luke Ioniedes, recalls in his privately-published 'Memoirs' that he had, 'a set of [Burne-Jones] caricatures of [Morris] doing catherine wheels in Cavendish Square, and another at the Turkish Bath, where we had gone together' (1925; 1996 ed. p. 21). Further sheets in the album support the Ioniedes/Coronio provenance. The sketches of dresses and accesories may have been designed to help Aglaia make studio properties. One of the sheets is inscribed with Mrs Coronio's name; another bears the letterhead of '1 Holland Park', the home of her brother, Alexander Ionides; Aglaia lived next door at no. 1A.


height, mm
width, mm


bought; 1998; Christie's


Possibly Aglaia Coronio (née Ionides); Christie's 7 June 1996, lot 557; Christie's 24 November 1998, lot 169

Acquisition Credit:

With a contribution from the M.G.C. / V. and A. Purchase Grant Fund.


PD.58-1998.f.2; Self-portrait of the artist, seated, his hands between his legs
PD.58-1998.f.3; Portrait of Val Prinsep at his easel
PD.58-1998.f.4; William Morris, working on a tapestry, viewed from behind
PD.58-1998.f.5; William Morris, working on a tapestry
PD.58-1998.f.6; William Morris seated in a pair of (over-long) trousers
PD.58-1998.f.7; William Morris in a bath-tub
PD.58-1998.f.8; Val Princep painting the figure of an ample woman
PD.58-1998.f.9; William Morris performing a cartwheel
PD.58-1998.f.10; William Morris performing a cartwheel
PD.58-1998.f.11; William Morris performing a cartwheel
PD.58-1998.f.12; William Morris performing a cartwheel, viewed from behind by moon and starlight
PD.58-1998.f.13; William Morris bowling
PD.58-1998.f.14a; Figure - ?William Morris - hidden under a bed
PD.58-1998.f.14b; A sleeping cat
PD.58-1998.f.15; A Wallypug
PD.58-1998.f.16a; A man in a top hat, holding a cane, striding out
PD.58-1998.f.16b; Study of three horses rearing and running
PD.58-1998.f.17; Study of a figure draped in lion skin (?Hercules)
PD.58-1998.f.18; Three studies of helmets (?for the Arming of Perseus)
PD.58-1998.f.19; Three studies of helmets
PD.58-1998.f.20; Study of a bird
PD.58-1998.f.21a; Study of the interior of a bedroom
PD.58-1998.f.21b; Study of a sandalled foot
PD.58-1998.f.22a; Study of a draped female figure
PD.58-1998.f.22b; Study of a portly man, seated in profile to left
PD.58-1998.f.23; Study of a female figure, semi draped, drapery and foliage
PD.58-1998.f.24; Study of a draped figure
PD.58-1998.f.25; Study of drapery (a 'Byzantine Dress')
PD.58-1998.f.26a; Study of a draped figure (?Love) against a background of intertwined flowers and foliage
PD.58-1998.f.26b; Study of a flower
PD.58-1998.f.27a; Studies of a head, garlanded with laurel, and foliage
PD.58-1998.f.27b; Outline study of a child's head
PD.58-1998.f.28a; Study of a figure in armour (?Perseus)
PD.58-1998.f.28b; Study of a draped female figure (?for a portrait) surrounded by a? foliage design
PD.58-1998.f.29a; Caricature study of two rodent-like demons
PD.58-1998.f.29b; Caricature study of two rodent-like demons
PD.58-1998.f.30; Study of a sandalled foot and a semi-draped female figure
PD.58-1998.f.31; Two studies of draped female figures
PD.58-1998.f.32; Studies of armour
PD.58-1998.f.33; Caricature study of a standing female figure and a face
PD.58-1998.f.34; Study of birds and foliage
PD.58-1998.f.35a; Study of birds and foliage
PD.58-1998.f.35b; Study of a bird in flight
PD.58-1998.f.36a; Study of a leg in armour: 'The Arming of Perseus'
PD.58-1998.f.36b; Studies of a legs, in armour: 'The Arming of Perseus'
PD.58-1998.f.37; Various studies of drapery
PD.58-1998.f.38; Study of a bird
PD.58-1998.f.39; Two studies of female heads, with floral/laurel garlands
PD.58-1998.f.40; Three studies of female heads, with floral garlands
PD.58-1998.f.41; Three studies of female costume
PD.58-1998.f.42; Study of a sleeping knight: The Briar Rose
PD.58-1998.f.43; Study of a bird in flight
PD.58-1998.f.44; Study of a Kimono (?)
PD.58-1998.f.45; Study of a figure in armour, an arm and a leg
PD.58-1998.f.46a; Studies of drapery
PD.58-1998.f.46b; Study of a sandalled foot
PD.58-1998.f.47a; Compositional study
PD.58-1998.f.47b; Study of feet
PD.58-1998.f.48; Study of a draped figure, a belt and a girdle
PD.58-1998.f.49; Two studies of a draped figure
PD.58-1998.f.50; Study of an arm draped
PD.58-1998.f.51; Study of a cockerell, profile
PD.58-1998.f.52; Studies of a draped female figure
PD.58-1998.f.53; Two studies of a draped figure
PD.58-1998.f.54; Intertwined ?reeds
PD.58-1998.f.55; Study of ? (unidentified)
PD.58-1998.f.56; Study of an arm, draped
PD.58-1998.f.57; Study of a nude
PD.58-1998.f.58; Studies of shoes, a book, a ?visor & c
PD.58-1998.f.59; Study of a woman's head
PD.58-1998.f.60a; Study of an outstretched arm, draped
PD.58-1998.f.60b; Study of a ?hat
PD.58-1998.f.61; Studies of a female figure with arm upraised
PD.58-1998.f.62; Putti climbing a ladder
PD.58-1998.f.63; Study of a female figure in profile, with a head dress
PD.58-1998.f.64; Study of a draped figure
PD.58-1998.f.65; Study of two birds in flight
PD.58-1998.f.66; Studies of sandalled feet
PD.58-1998.f.67; Study of a (semi-recumbant) male figure
PD.58-1998.f.68; Study of ?footwear
PD.58-1998.f.69; Study of a woman (? a nursemaid) holding a baby
PD.58-1998.f.70; Study of two birds in flight
PD.58-1998.f.72; Study of footwear
PD.58-1998.f.73; Frontispiece to 'The Tale of Troy' Part I The Iliad
PD.58-1998.f.74; A herald of spring
PD.58-1998.f.75; Letter from Burne-Jones to Aglaia Coronio with measured drawing of a model
PD.58-1998.f.76; Study of a flower


Object Number: PD.58-1998
(Paintings, Drawings and Prints)
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