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Towne, Francis; draughtsman; British artist, 1739/40-1816








46 ff; ff.43, 44, 45 and 46 are blank on both recto and verso, and are not listed individually elsewhere


height, book size, 160, mm
width, book size, 236, mm
height, sheet size, 154, mm
width, sheet size, 228, mm


given; 1923; The Friends of the Fitzwilliam Museum


bt. from Miss Judith A. Merivale, 4 Park Town, Oxford, together with nos. 1091-1093 in 1923 for £30


signature; inside cover; Francis Towne
date; inside cover, below the above; August 24. 1809
; cover; ink; Capel Cergi etc / 1809 (in the hand of the artist)


Francis Towne. 1997-06-24 - 1998-01-04
Organiser: Tate Gallery, London, Britain
Venue: Tate Gallery, London
Notes: Touring exhibition. On display at Tate Gallery (London) until 14/09, then at the Leeds Art Gallery from 02/10


1090.f.1; Scribble
1090.f.2; Inscription
1090.f.3; View of Clifton at Bristol
1090.f.4; Inscription
1090.f.5; A view of Shrewsbury from the river Severn
1090.f.6; Blank
1090.f.7; The Castle at Shrewsbury from the bridge
1090.f.8; Blank
1090.f.9; A view of part of the town of Shrewsbury
1090.f.10; Blank
1090.f.11; A view of Snowdon near Capel Cerig
1090.f.12; Blank
1090.f.13; A view taken from the back door of the inn at Capel Cerig
1090.f.14; A view of Snowdon from Capel Cerig
1090.f.15; Blank
1090.f.16; A view of Snowdon from Capel Cerig
1090.f.17; A view of Snowdon from Capel Cerig
1090.f.18; A view of part of Conway
1090.f.19; Conway Castle
1090.f.20; Part of Conway Castle
1090.f.21; A view of Tremerton Castle and Hingston Hill
1090.f.22; A view of Caradon Hill, Cornwall
1090.f.23; Blank
1090.f.24; St. Michael's Mount
1090.f.25; A view in Cornwall?
1090.f.26; St. Michael's Mount
1090.f.27; St. Michael's Mount
1090.f.28; Blank
1090.f.29; A view of St Michael's Mount and the coast of Cornwall
1090.f.30; Near Holm Chase, Devonshire
1090.f.31; Near Holm Chase, Devonshire
1090.f.32; A bridge, near Holm Chase, Devonshire
1090.f.33; A river near Holme Chase, South Devon
1090.f.34; Near Holme Chase, South Devon
1090.f.35; Near Holme Chase, South Devon
1090.f.36; Near Holme Chase, South Devon
1090.f.37; Blank
1090.f.38; A view of Buckland, South Devon
1090.f.39; Buckland, South Devon
1090.f.40; Blank
1090.f.41; A prospect of Buckland, South Devon
1090.f.42; Near Chedleigh (?)


Object Number: 1090
(Paintings, Drawings and Prints)
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