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Maker(s) &

Zaehnsdorf, binder, France, Paris, Colmar, possibly Paris/Colmar
Virgil Master, artist, French illuminator, act.1390-1420, France, Paris


use of Rome


illuminated manuscript


book of hours
use of Rome; liturgical use


circa 1401 circa 1430


early 15th Century


PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Parchment, iii modern parchment flyleaves + iv contemporary ruled parchment leaves + 148 fols. + iii modern parchment flyleaves, 233 x 165 mm (115 x 75 mm), 14 long lines, ruled in red ink, catchwords, quire signatures, tabs at miniatures

BINDING: late nineteenth century, gold-tooled brown leather over wooden boards, end bands in black, white and red, gold-tooled concentric panel design with lilies at corners, gilt edges, by Zaehnsdorf, London; former binding, stamped 1561 and decorated with gold-tooled panels of biblical scenes, preserved with manuscript

SECUNDO FOLIO: In illo tempore

SCRIPT: Gothic bookhand (textualis)

fols. 1r-6v Calendar (in French)
fols. 7r-10v Gospel Sequences
fols. 11r-68v Hours of the Virgin with Advent Office
fols. 71r-89r Penitential Psalms and Litany
fols. 89v-94v Hours of the Cross
fols. 95r-99r Hours of the Holy Spirit
fols. 99v-136r Office of the Dead
fols. 137r-140r Obsecro te
fols. 140v-143v O intemerata
fol. 144r-v Suffrage to St Anthony

Seven large framed miniatures on diapered or patterned grounds with three-sided, gold bar borders, ornamented with ivy leaves in alternate orange and blue, highlighted in white, on gold grounds, with ivy-leaf spraywork borders in orange, blue and gold extending into margins: fol. 11r Hours of the Virgin, Matins, Annunciation; fol. 71r Penitential Psalms, Christ in Majesty with chalice, Host and Tablets of the Law; fol. 89v Hours of the Cross, Crucifixion with Virgin and St John; fol. 95r Hours of the Holy Spirit, Pentecost; fol. 99v Office of the Dead, Coffin covered by pall with three clerics at lectern and three mourners enveloped in black; fol. 137r Obsecro te, Virgin with Child standing on her lap and clutching bird; fol. 144r Suffrage to St Anthony, Patron in black habit with Tau-cross kneeling before St Anthony, who is dressed in a similar habit, with his feet engulfed by flames, accompanied by pig.

Blue and pink initials [2-4 ll.] patterned in white on gold, pink and blue grounds, filled with blue and orange scrolls of ivy; one-line gold ‘champ’ initials on pink and blue grounds highlighted in white; one-line gold paraph signs on red and blue grounds


illumination; whole


parchment; support
ink; medium
pigment; medium
gold; medium


height, parchment, 233, mm
width, parchment, 165, mm
height, text, 115, mm
width, text, 75, mm


bequeathed; 1904; McClean, Frank


made for a brother of the Order of St Anthony of Vienne depicted on fol. 144r; Antonine house in Cologne, late sixteenth century ex-libris ‘Antonena closter Collem. 1.5. [heart symbol] 8. 6.’ on fol. 148r; H.J. von Aussem, ownership inscription on verso of first medieval parchment flyleaf, possibly H.J. Van Aussem of Aachen listed among subscribers in Virgilius in de Nederlanden (Brussels,1802); Sir J.L. Goldsmid (1778-1859); his sale, London, Puttick and Simpson, 11 April 1889, lot 376; purchased by Frank McClean (1837-1904); his bequest, 1904.


McClean, Frank; previous owner

Acquisition Credit:

Bequeathed by Frank McClean


secundo folio; In illo tempore



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Source Title: Art de l’enluminure 17 (2006) : 2-19
p. 2-19


Object Number: MS McClean 79
(Manuscripts and Printed Books)
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