Collections Explorer Help

Internet Explorer (IE) display problems?

    Check: have you got compatibility mode turned on?
    It will be 'solid' blue if on, click it, and it will change to 'transparent' grey indicating it is off (as in the image above).

Too many Results?

  • reducing the number of words you search on (the default is to search for matches for any of your words, i.e. an OR search type)
  • changing your search type to 'And' (which makes the search look for matches to all of your words)
  • putting your search words in the specific fields available in the 'Advanced' search (this limits the search into those fields specifically)

Not Enough Results?

  • make sure you are using the 'Or' search type
  • make sure you are not inadvertently filtering your results (remove any words in 'Your Selections')

Automatic Look-ups

Collections Explorer defaults to automatically looking up whether:
  • there are alternative artists names to one you have specified, and
  • there are related terms to one you have specified.
If there are your query is automatically adjusted by Collections Explorer.
These look-ups can each be individually, temporarily, turned off via the Advanced search options.

Searching for Object Numbers

  • if you are searching for a specific object number and want *only* it to be returned place the object number in the search bar and choose 'And' as the 'Search Type'.
  • if you search for a specific Object Number using Advanced->Object Number field essentially the above process is carried out for you.

What's the difference between AND and OR

  • OR - matches any of the words you're searching for
  • AND - only matches all of the words you're searching for

Tips and Tricks

  • Wildcards - you can use '*' to denote a wildcard - i.e chick* will match chicks, chicken, chickens.
  • Including or excluding words (terms): you can use +word or -word as short hand to say must include or must not include for terms.
    e.g. too many coins in your search for roman artifacts? easy, try 'roman -coins'

Collections Explorer 'memory'

What does Collections Explorer 'remember' as you are searching?
In order to aid you and make your searching experience better Collections Explorer 'remembers' the following settings as you continue your searching:
  • Your search words
  • And/Or setting
  • 'Your Selections' (the 'filters' you have applied to your search)
  • Results/Page selected
  • Display Options (Images or Images+Text)
The way to clear anything Collections Explorer is 'remembering' is to choose the 'Clear Search' button.