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Welcome to The Fitzwilliam Museum's Collections Explorer. Launched in April 2012, and as the title suggests, Collections Explorer is designed to aid visitors to both discover and browse our collections as well as providing the traditional search. This is the first phase of on-going developments and we welcome your feedback.

The data and images stored in our collection management system represent 10's of years of accumulated effort by curators, technicians, photographers, and documentation staff.

The curatorial, documentation, and technology staff at The Fitzwilliam Museum have been designing, building and providing rich Internet resources for over 10 years. Our website launched in 1999 and had major re-developments in 2002 and 2006. The Collections Explorer's roots lie in the initial launch of an online catalogue in 2002.

The collections themselves have been built up over the life of the museum and have benefited from the generosity of many organisations and individuals.

Comments, queries and feedback about the Collections can be directed to

Technical Info

Current Version: 1.996
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Design and programming by Shaun Osborne - with a big thank to all who have provided feedback - your questions, ideas & refinements have inspired the result you see today.


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