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Unknown, pottery, Turkey, Anatolia, Iznik


Henry Scipio Reitlinger


fritware (stonepaste)


Islamic pottery; category
Iznik; category


circa 1570 1575




late 16th Century; Ottoman period


fritware coated in a white slip, painted in four colours under a clear glaze
fritware, probably wheel thrown, coated in a white slip and painted in emerald green, red, blue and black under a clear glaze.
Shape: plain rim on a shallow hemispherical bowl sitting on a low, wide foot ring.
Interior: on the rim enclosed within two grey concentric lines is a frieze of diagonal grey lines separated by red horizontal lines. Pendant black scrolls highlighted with blue or red protrude from this frieze into the floral spray on the body. The spray and accompanying leaves emerge from a grassy tuft, all outlined in black. Tulips, carnations and roses are painted in blue and red, on green stems adorned with saz like leaves or red and green leaves.
Exterior: contained within green concentric lines, a frieze of paired green tulips separate rosettes. On the foot ring a series of concentric grey lines. Glaze covers the exterior except for the rim of the foot ring.

Labels: 1) Rectangular, printed in faded black with a scrolled oval cartouche and the words 'Exposition Retrospective/De Lyon', and inscribed '220' and 'Aunay' (?). (2) Circular with serrated edge, numbered '509' in pencil


throwing; whole
slip coating; whole; white
painting underglaze; interior; red, blue, green and black
painting underglaze; exterior; green
glazing (coating); whole; clear, covers surface except for rim of foot ring


fritware; whole
slip; whole; white
pigment; interior; blue, green, red, and black
pigment; exterior; green
glaze; whole; clear, covers surface except for rim of foot ring


fritware, probably wheel thrown, coated in a white slip and painted in emerald green, red, blue and black under a clear glaze


height, whole, 5.9, cm
width, whole, 31.5, cm
diameter, rim, 31.5, cm
diameter, base, 17.9, cm
weight, whole, 1088, g


bequeathed; 1991; Reitlinger, Henry Scipio


Henry Scipio Reitlinger (d. 1950); Reitlinger Trust, Maidenhead


Similar vessel in Louvre collection see accession number OA 6648, accessible through

Acquisition Credit:

H.S. Reitlinger Bequest 1950; transferred from the Reitlinger Trust, 1991


label; exterior base (underside of foot ring); printed and hand written in black; EXPOSITION RETROSPECITVE/DE LYON (printed), 220 (hand written) and possibly Aunay (hand written); rectangular label printed in faded black with a scrolled oval cartouche; old exhibition label
label; exterior base (underside of foot ring); hand written in pencil; 509; circular paper label with serrated edge; old object number


packing number; ISCER 531; Packing number allocated when object left Maidenhead


Atasoy, Nurhan. Raby, Julian. Petsopoulos, Yanni. 1989. Iznik : the Pottery of Ottoman Turkey.London: Alexandria Press
Cf. similar shaped dishes and designs see catalogue numbers 414, different shaped vessel with similar flowers on body see catalogue number 398. Ref. on ‘quatre-fleurs style’ (pp.222-223) and on Iznik

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Cf. similar shaped vessel and design with identical leaves see catalogue number 44 (pp. 168-9). Ref. on Iznik pottery


Object Number: C.569-1991
(Applied Arts)
(record id: 75544; input: 2004-03-11; modified: 2015-10-14)


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