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Unidentified Orvieto pottery, pottery, Italy, Umbria, Orvieto


H.S. Reitlinger


tin-glazed earthenware; maiolica




circa 1275 1375


maiolica arcaica


13th Century; 14th Century; Medieval


Late Medieval maiolica jug, painted in manganese and green with an applied relief face and pines-cones.
Earthenware. The interior, lower part, and base are lead-glazed brownish-yellow; the rest is tin-glazed pale greenish-grey. Painted in dark manganese and copper-green.
Shape 19 with strap handle. Squat piriform body with disk base, short neck, trilobate mouth and strap handle.
The front is decorated with an applied relief face in a green oval frame, flanked by areas of cross-hatching and two relief pine-cones. On each side of the handle there are oblique strokes between two sets of three vertical lines. Below are two horizontal bands; on the neck, a green chain between pairs of manganese horizontal bands; and on the handle, horizontal stripes of alternate colours.


throwing; body
lead-glazing; interior, lower part; and base
tin-glazing; exterior
painting; decoration


earthenware; whole
lead-glaze; interior, lower part; and base
tin-glaze; exterior
high-temperature colours; decoration; dark manganese and copper-green


earthenware; the interior, lower part, and base are lead-glazed brownish-yellow, the rest is tin-glazed pale greenish-grey; painted in dark manganese and copper-green.


height, whole, 16.9, cm
height, original rim, 16.2, cm
diameter, base, 9.1, cm
diameter, handle to relief, 11.9, cm


bequeathed; 1991-04-29; Reitlinger, Henry Scipio


Signor Avvocato Arcangelo Marcioni (1859-1928) or Cavaliere Capitano Ferdinando Lucatelli, Orvieto; Sotheby's, 16-17 February 1914, Catalogue of the collections of early Italian pottery formed by Signor Avvocato Marcioni and Cavaliere Capitano Lucatelli of Orvieto, lot 79C (1). Purchased from Kerin, London, on 9 December 1933 by H.S. Reitlinger (d.1950); the Reitlinger Trust, Maidenhead, from which transferred in 1991.


Reitlinger, Henry Scipio; previous owner


The decoration of this form suggests that it was made contemporaneously with the tall jugs decorated with pine cones or bunches of grapes (Poole, 1995, shape 17). It occurs with a variety of motifs between the reliefs, such as heads, coats-of-arms, figures, and animals. Part of a jug of this type was recovered from butto A of the Palazzetto Faina, Orvieto, and there are others in the Bargello, Florence, the Museo del Vino, Torgiano, the Museo del Palazzo di Venezia, Rome, the Fondazione Horne, Florence, the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, the Danish Museum of Art and Design, and the Museo dell'Opera del Duomo, Orvieto

Acquisition Credit:

H.S. Reitlinger Bequest, 1950; transferred from the Reitlinger Trust, 1991


packing number; EURCER 467; Allocated by Wendy Rose when object left Maidenhead; 1989


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Cf. p. 52, no. 5 a squatter jug with a relief face on the front, flanked by cones or bunches of grapes. Inv. no. WA 1954-12. This example is mentioned.


Object Number: C.68-1991
(Applied Arts)
(record id: 47607; input: 2002-05-13; modified: 2017-11-14)


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