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Maker(s) &

, production, Flanders, possibly
, production, Limbourg, possibly


Frank McClean


illuminated manuscript


other; type of text


circa 1500


late 15th-early 16th Century


PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Parchment, iii modern paper flyleaves (first one pasted onto silk) + 196 fols. + iii modern paper flyleaves (last one pasted onto silk), 115 x 83 (69 x 46) mm, 17 long lines, ruled in pink ink, lost.

BINDING: sixteenth century, brown leather over wooden boards, sewn on 4 supports, central panel on both covers with Sacrifice of Isaac stamped through gold leaf from an engraved plate, identical image found on mid-sixteenth-century German bindings (ex-info Mirjam Foot), two brass clasps on lower cover, two brass catchplates on upper cover, edges gilt and gauffered.

CONTENTS: fols. 1r – 12v Calendar; fols. 13r – 27r Hours of the Cross; fols. 27r – 56v Prayers; fols. 56v – 59v Bede’s Prayer on the Seven Last Words of Christ
fols. 60r – 100r Prayers ; fols. 100v – 109v Pater Noster; fols. 110r – 117r Communion prayer; fols. 118r – 137r Prayers to the Virgin; fols. 137r – 144v Ave Maria (in verse); fols. 145r – 162v Suffrages; fols. 164r – 166r Prayer to the Virgin; fols. 166r – 171r Verses of St Bernard; fols. 173r – 192v Penitential Psalms; fols. 192v – 196v Litany with collects.

DECORATION: Two full-page framed miniatures with full strewn-flower borders on coloured or brushed gold grounds: fol. 21v Hours of the Cross, Crucifixion with swooning Virgin supported by St John and St Mary Magdalene, holy woman, two thieves, soldiers and Jews; fol. 172v Penitential Psalms, David penitent, God above holding arrows.

Twelve historiated initials formed of branch-work, with full strewn-flower borders on brushed gold grounds: fol. 145r Suffrages, [I, 8 ll.] St John the Baptist blessing and reading, lamb beside him; fol. 147v [O, 8 ll.] St George killing the dragon; fol. 149r [H, 8 ll.] St Anthony reading; fol. 150r [O, 8 ll.] St Brendan as bishop holding fire-hook; fol. 150v [O, 8 ll.] St Cornelius as bishop holding horn; fol. 151v [H, 8 ll.] St Adrian in armour holding sword and anvil, lion under cloak; fol. 152v [S, 8 ll.] St Livinus as bishop holding pincers with tongue; fol. 153v [O, 8 ll.] St Victor as soldier holding windmill and banner; fol. 155v [G, 8 ll.] St Michael defeating the devil; fol. 156v [O, 8 ll.] St Mary Magdalene holding ointment jar; fol. 159v [B, 8 ll.] St Barbara reading, tower behind her; fol. 160v [O, 8 ll.] St Catherine reading, fragments of wheel beside her.

ORNAMENTATION: Initials [5 ll.] formed of branch-work or white vine-scroll with full strewn-flower borders on coloured or brushed gold grounds; liquid gold initials [1 – 4 ll.] on red and blue grounds with white filigree-like ornament; blue, red and gold bar line-fillers.




parchment; support
gold; medium




bequeathed; 1904; McClean, Frank


Bequeathed by McClean in 1904.


McClean, Frank; previous owner


secundo folio; nu ende in (fol. 14)


Flemish Art 1300 - 1700. 1953 - 1954
Organiser: Royal Academy of Arts, London, England
Venue: Royal Academy of Arts
Catalogue number: 600


James, Montague Rhodes, Dr. 1912. A descriptive catalogue of the McClean Collection of Manuscripts in the Fitzwilliam Museum.Cambridge (Cambs.): Cambridge University Press
p. 205 – 207, pl. LX

Binski, P.. Panayotova, Stella. 2005. The Cambridge Illuminations: Ten Centuries of Book Production in the Medieval West.London:
p. 28, 36 n. 7

1953. Flemish Art 1300 - 1700.London:
cat. no. 600

Morgan, Nigel. Panayotova, Stella. 2009. A Catalogue of Western Book Illumination in the Fitzwilliam Museum and the Cambridge Colleges. Part One. Vol. 1: The Frankish Kingdoms, Northern Netherlands, Germany, Bohemia, Hungary, Austria; Vol. II: The Meuse Region, Southern Netherlands.London: Harvey Miller/Brepols
cat. no. 239


Object Number: MS McClean 93
(Manuscripts and Printed Books)
(record id: 170716; input: 2010-02-09; modified: 2017-04-28)


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