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Unknown, Italy


North Italy
The helmet is bright with a light to medium patination overall. The front of the skull shows some delamination of its metal.


J.S. Henderson






circa 1580


late 16th Century


Burgonet, for light cavalry or infantry use. Formed of a one-piece skull with an integral peak and neck-defence, and a pair of hinged cheek-pieces. The almond-shaped skull rises to a backward-directed stalk at its apex. Each side of the apex is crudely pierced with a later hole. The medially-ridged peak and neck-defence have curved edges and respectively project forward and backward to an obtuse and an acute point. The lower edge of the skull is cut away in an arch at each side to accommodate the cheek-pieces. The apex of each arch is cut with a shallow, rectangular notch to accommodate the hinge of the cheek-piece. The skull was formerly fitted with eight brass-capped, round-headed, lining-rivets with brass rosette washers around the brow, and a further six such rivets and washers around the nape. The rivet just to the left of centre of the brow is now missing. The outermost of each of the rivets at the brow lack their rosette washers. The outermost rivets at the nape and the third from end rivets at each side of the brow have been replaced by round-headed rivets of brass, lacking rosette washers and fitted with small, circular internal washers that retain a broad, modern, leather lining-band. The cheek-pieces are attached to the skull by plain, modern, rectangular hinges, secured by pairs of modern, round-headed rivets of brass. The front edge of each cheek-piece is slightly convex. The rear part of its lower edge is flanged outwards to form a continuation of the neck-defence. The upper and rear edges are very nearly straight. The upper front corner is cut with a rectangular notch to accommodate the peak. The upper rear corner is cut off diagonally at the hinge. The front end of the diagonal section of the left cheek-piece is pierced with two later holes of which the front one is plugged with the shank of a rivet. The centre of each cheek-piece is pierced with a small circular ventilation-hole surrounded by four similar holes. Secured by three round-headed rivets of brass with circular internal washers at the lower front corner of each cheek-piece is a modern triangular tab, pierced at its distal end with a lace-hole. The hole of the left tab has torn out. The front two rivets for the left tab lack their internal washers. The main edges of the peak, the cheek-pieces and the neck-defence have file-roped inward turns accompanied by recessed borders. Part of the composite half armour HEN.M.13A-F-1933.


hammering; whole
forming; whole
riveting; parts
medially-ridged; peak
medially-ridged; neck-defence
hinging; cheek-pieces; modern
file-roping; decoration
recessing; borders
patinating; whole


steel; whole
brass (alloy); rosette washers
brass (alloy); rivet caps
brass (alloy); round head rivets; modern
leather; lining-band; modern


formed of a one-piece skull with an integral medially-ridged peak and neck-defence, and a pair of hinged cheek-pieces; hammered, shaped, riveted, with recessed borders and file-roped decoration


height, whole, 29.6, cm, maximum
width, whole, 19.9, cm, maximum
depth, whole, 32.1, cm, maximum
weight, whole, 1.37, kg


bequeathed; 1933-03-16; Henderson, James Stewart


The helmet was formerly in the collection of Edwin J. Brett. Mr James Stewart Henderson of 'Abbotsford', Downs Road, St Helen's Park, Hastings, Sussex.


Brett, Edwin J.; previous owner; the helmet was formerly in the collection of Edwin J. Brett

Acquisition Credit:

J.S. Henderson Bequest


Brett, Edwin J.. 1894. A Pictorial and Descriptive Record of the Origin and Development of Arms and Armour, to which are appended 133 plates specially drawn from the Author's Collection at Oaklands, St. Peter's, Thanet, and Burleigh House, London.London?:
Publ. pl. LII, 5

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Object Number: HEN.M.13A-1933
(Applied Arts)
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