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Miscellaneous Collection of Engravings Lord Fitzwilliam's print album


print; album




Binding is tooled, 'Engravings'


Once contained 363 prints. Only 76 remain in this album, the others have been removed and mounted.




bequeathed; 1816; Fitzwilliam, Richard, 7th Viscount

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31.K.12-54; Landscape with the muleteer
31.K.12-107; The Penitence of Saint Peter
31.K.12-121; The cottage on the hill
31.K.12-121*; The little bridge
31.K.12-123; Two farmers with their dog
31.K.12-125; Drunken Silenus
31.K.12-159; The inn in a ruined building
31.K.12-161; The approach to a village
31.K.12-223; The Herd
31.K.12-259; Capture of Maastricht
31.K.12-295; Capture of Bonn by De Tassis and Prince of Chimay
31.K.12-296; Siege of Maastricht by Alexander of Parma
31.K.12-322; The three oaks
31.K.12-1; Bust of Janus Lutma the Elder
31.K.12-2; Self-portrait
31.K.12-3; Pieter Cornelisz. Hooft
31.K.12-4; Joost van den Vondel
31.K.12-56; Two pigs
31.K.12-57; Two greyhounds
31.K.12-58; Tethered dog
31.K.12-59; Three geese
31.K.12-60; Four turkeys
31.K.12-90; Studies of ears
31.K.12-91; Studies of ears
31.K.12-108; Saint Jerome and the angel
31.K.12-124; Studies of noses and mouths
31.K.12-126; Studies of eyes
31.K.12-138; The corn-field
31.K.12-243; The Holy Family with St John the Baptist
31.K.12-258; The Plunderers
31.K.12-294; Saint Jerome and the trumpet
31.K.12-6; Baldassare Castiglione
31.K.12-17; Vesper
31.K.12-18; Aurora
31.K.12-21; Meridies
31.K.12-39; St Catherine in the clouds
31.K.12-50; Ships on the coast in a rainstorm
31.K.12-63; The satyr and his family
31.K.12-70; The Holy Family with St Joseph holding a book
31.K.12-51; Landscape with St George and dragon
31.K.12-61; The Garden of Love
31.K.12-71; Angels in Glory
31.K.12-49; Riverscape with Travellers
31.K.12-75; The crane and the wolf
31.K.12-92*; Three flautists
31.K.12-97; The Nativity with Angels
31.K.12-174; Landscape with rocky cliffs and various figures, some with weapons
31.K.12-160; Landscape with fragments of classical columns
31.K.12-179; Virgin and Child attended by two male saints and St Catherine
31.K.12-199; A shepherd sleeping beside a large tree at the edge of a swamp
31.K.12-240; Landscape in the rain
31.K.12-244; St Anne received into Heaven
31.K.12-323; Godofredus Wendelinus
31.K.12-130; The Lute Player
31.K.12-105; The Vestal Virgin Tucia bringing a bowl of water to the temple
31.K.12-114; The Martyrdom of St Sebastian
31.K.12-92; St Charles Borromeo praying to liberate Milan from the plague
31.K.12-270; Melchizedek offering bread and wine to Abraham
31.K.12-271; Melchizadek offering bread and wine to Abraham
31.K.12-281; Shepherdess Playing a Basque Drum
31.K.12-282; Interior of the Lateran Basilica in Rome
31.K.12-280; Victoria surrounded by prisoners and trophies
31.K.12-321; Delivering of St Peter from Prison
31.K.12-336; The Indulgence of St Francis
31.K.12-300; Jacobus Edelheer van Lawain
31.K.12-266; The Holy Family enthroned
31.K.12-317; Landscape with a dragon
31.K.12-314; Landscape with a horseman and his groom
31.K.12-47; The Holy Family
31.K.12-310; The Virgin nursing the Infant Jesus Christ
31.K.12-33; The Wounded Paris Carried into Troy


31.K.12-27; The Destiny of the Virgin
31.K.12-68; Virgin and Child Beside a Fountain
31.K.12-72; A dog kennel with seven dogs
31.K.12-73; Two dogs tied together
31.K.12-76; Two Dogs Fighting
31.K.12-78; A dog with her puppies
31.K.12-74; A large dog chained to a doghouse with a smaller dog
31.K.12-77; Three dogs fighting over a dead animal
31.K.12-79; Three dogs, one yawning and the other two behind tied together by a short chain
31.K.12-101; The Nativity with the Holy Family and an angel
31.K.12-111; Jupiter in the guise of Diana, seducing Callisto
31.K.12-112; The Holy Family with St John the Baptist
31.K.12-113; The Holy Family in the clouds, with St Peter
31.K.12-115; St Mary Magdalene praying in the desert, two putti hovering above on the right
31.K.12-116; St Scholastica
31.K.12-117; Portrait of Johann Ulrich Mayr
31.K.12-120; A frieze of putti, one of them placing a garland on a structure at the centre
31.K.12-131; View in a garden with two female statues on the left
31.K.12-132; View of a road leading to a gateway and buildings on the left, with several figures
31.K.12-242; Job tormented by demons and abused by his wife
31.K.12-245; View of a flight of steps leading to a terrace; large statue of a man on the left
31.K.12-253; The Baptism of Christ
31.K.12-264; The raising of Lazarus
31.K.12-268; The denial of St Peter
31.K.12-269; The Holy Family in a landscape, with the infant John the Baptist and Sts Elizabeth and Zacharias
31.K.12-274; A frieze with musical putti in a procession facing left
31.K.12-248; Titian and his mistress
31.K.12-276a; Virgin with the infant Christ seated on her knee, being embraced by John the Baptist. St Anne seated behind an ornate cradle to the left; a view of an inlet in the distance
31.K.12-276b; The Visitation
31.K.12-277; St Francis receiving the stigmata
31.K.12-278; The Last Supper, with the Dove of the Holy Ghost above
31.K.12-279; The Holy Family with St Anne
31.K.12-284; "The Bean King"
31.K.12-330; St Bruno kneeling in a landscape
31.K.12-332; The battle of Cadore
31.K.12-333; The School of Athens
31.K.12-334; The Battle of the Milvian bridge
31.K.21-337; The Nativity
31.K.12-341; The dog and the bitch
31.K.12-340; The resting dog
31.K.12-342; The bitch and her pup
31.K.12-343; Two dogs fighting over a piece of meat
31.K.12-344; The envious dogs
31.K.12-345; A dog drinking
31.K.12-346; Diversa Animalia
31.K.12-354; Boy with a donkey at a trough, seen from behind
31.K.12-357; The laden donkey
31.K.12-347; A boy, a goat and a sheep
31.K.12-349; The farrier
31.K.12-352; Two cows, with a boy leaning on a tree trunk at far right
31.K.12-351; Two laden donkeys
31.K.12-348; Four pigs
31.K.12-350; The Spinner
31.K.12-355; A rider seen over a wall, behind a group of three goats
31.K.12-353; Two standing cows
31.K.12-356; A falconer on horseback, seen from behind, with a boy at right and two dogs
31.K.12-358; The town gate at Gorinchem
31.K.12-359; Landscape with a winding road
31.K.12-360; Landscape with a stream lined by trees
31.K.12-361; Landscape with a tree leaning over a pond
31.K.12-362; Landscape with four trees along a country road
31.K.12-363; Landscape with river and cliff-face
31.K.9-52; The Virgin with the Infant Jesus


Object Number: 31.K.12
(Paintings, Drawings and Prints)
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