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Flower album


Cockerell, The Hon. Lady; draughtsman; British artist, 19th Century


album; drawing






19th century


Brown leather bound album containing 50 watercolour drawings. Covers with gold tooling and blind stamping.


height, leaf, 446, mm
width, leaf, 350, mm, approx.
height, cover boards, 460, mm
width, cover boards, 357, mm, approx.


bequeathed; 1973; Broughton, Henry Rogers, Major the Hon.


Sir Charles Cockerell, Bart.; Gerald Ponsonby; H.R. Broughton, 2nd Lord Fairhaven


; spine; gold tooling; FLOWERS / III
; front coverboard, centre; gold tooling; THE HON:BLE LADY COCKERELL
bookplate; front coverboard, verso; black printed ink; SAPERE.ET.FARI / Sir Charles Cockerell Bart.; with achievement of arms
bookplate; front coverboard, verso; black printed ink; E. LIBRIS / GERALDI PONSONBY, / 1880; within printed oval border
bookplate; front endpaper, recto; black printed ink; SI JE PUIS / Henry Rogers Broughton
; front endpaper, verso; graphite; Miss Cockerell / 99 Drawings


Gardener's Pride: a third selection of drawings from the Broughton Collection. 1976-07-17 - 1976-09-25
Organiser: The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge (Cambs.), UK
Venue: The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge (Cambs.)
Catalogue number: 51


PD.119-1973.1; A posy of wild flowers, including clover, rosemary, buttercup, campanula, gentian, etc.
PD.119-1973.2; Schizostylis with a caterpillar
PD.119-1973.3; Bignonia unquiscate [sic]
PD.119-1973.4; Unidentified
PD.119-1973.5; ?Euonymus europaeus (Spindle Tree)
PD.119-1973.6; ?Ononis
PD.119-1973.7; ?Apple blossom
PD.119-1973.8; ?Blackberries
PD.119-1973.9; ?Gleditsia triacanthos
PD.119-1973.10; ?Geranium
PD.119-1973.11; ?Polygonum
PD.119-1973.12; Strelitzia regina [sic]
PD.119-1973.13; Unidentified (?Dianthus)
PD.119-1973.14; ?Linum arboreum
PD.119-1973.15; ?? Unidentified
PD.119-1973.16; ?Gloxinia
PD.119-1973.17; ?Clematis
PD.119-1973.18; (?) Celsi critica
PD.119-1973.19; ??Daphne
PD.119-1973.20; A posy containing Rose, Mallow, Clematis, Ipomoea quamoclit, etc
PD.119-1973.21; Sweet violets
PD.119-1973.22; Two birds (?Finches) with eggs in nest amongst brambles
PD.119-1973.23; Lilies
PD.119-1973.24; Tigridia pavonia
PD.119-1973.25; ?Blossom
PD.119-1973.26; Galanthus
PD.119-1973.27; ?Pink Hawthorn
PD.119-1973.28; ?Potentilla
PD.119-1973.29; ?Lathyrus or a pea
PD.119-1973.30; Poppy
PD.119-1973.31; Eucomis punctata
PD.119-1973.32; Oxalis versicolor
PD.119-1973.33; A posy containing Iris, Rhododendron, Wisteria etc
PD.119-1973.34; ?Vaccinium corymbosum
PD.119-1973.35; Clerodendron (?)
PD.119-1973.36; Cheiranthus mutabilis
PD.119-1973.37; ?Catalpa
PD.119-1973.38; Posy containing Iris, Moss Rose, Speedwell, Lily, a grass, two varieties of Cinquefoil, Carnations, etc
PD.119-1973.39; Hyoscyamus Aureus
PD.119-1973.40; Lily
PD.119-1973.41; Cistus mutabilis
PD.119-1973.42; A posy containing a white rose, a Geranium phaeum, a ?Saxifrage, and a ?Dahlia
PD.119-1973.43; A ?Malus
PD.119-1973.44; ??Phlox
PD.119-1973.45; Pyrus japonnicus
PD.119-1973.46; ?Nerium oleander
PD.119-1973.47; Camellias
PD.119-1973.48; ?Malus
PD.119-1973.49; A posy containing Alcea rosea, Catharanthus roseus, Penstemons, Veronica, Campanula, ?Leguminosae, etc
PD.119-1973.50; Poppy


Object Number: PD.119-1973
(Paintings, Drawings and Prints)
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