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Robins, Thomas I; draughtsman; British artist, 1716-1770
Ehret, Georg Dionysius; draughtsman; German artist, 1708-1770


album; drawing






Album containing 109 drawings. Bound with 17th Century boards, with a new spine, panelled black morocco, tooled in gilt and the arms of Antoine Ferrand de Villemilan (1603-89). Marbled endpapers.


height, album leaf, 417, mm
width, album leaf, 328, mm
height, coverboard, 443, mm
width, coverboard, 334, mm, approx.


bequeathed; 1973; Broughton, Henry Rogers, Major the Hon.


; spine; embossed gold; DRAWINGS / OF / FLOWERS / EHRET / AND / ROBINS
achievement of arms; front cover; embossed gold; the coat of arms of Antoine Ferrand de Villemilan (1603-89)



Scrase, David. 1997. Flower Drawings.Cambridge (Cambs.): Cambridge University Pressp. 52, 62, 64
Ff. 19, 38, 70 reproduced in colour.

Duthie, Ruth. Florist's Societies and Feasts after 1750.
Source Title: Garden History. The Journal of the Garden History Society(1984)



PD.115-1973.1; Scarlet Horse Chestnut
PD.115-1973.2; ?Begonia and Asclepias
PD.115-1973.3; ?Sea camomile, Ranunculus and unidentified
PD.115-1973.4; Compositae (including ?Asters) and Foxglove
PD.115-1973.5; Amaryllis belladonna
PD.115-1973.6; ?Nerium oleander
PD.115-1973.7; Blue and Variegated Iris and another flower
PD.115-1973.8; Fuchsias
PD.115-1973.9; Indian Pinks (Dianthus), Heliotropium (Boraginaceae) and Large Sun Asters (Compositae)
PD.115-1973.10; Euonymus (Celastraceae) and Rose Hips (Rosa canina)
PD.115-1973.11; Portugal Peony
PD.115-1973.12; Sea Holly (Eringium), Cyclamen and Fumaria
PD.115-1973.13; Devil's Bit and Sweet Scented Pea
PD.115-1973.14; Yellow Rose
PD.115-1973.15; Pink Centifolia
PD.115-1973.16; A large wild pea or violet (Lathyrus) and a purple and white Flour de Luce (Iris)
PD.115-1973.17; Lathyrus or Purple Flowering Pea
PD.115-1973.18; Capsia, or Senna Tree and Spanish Elm or Prince Wood
PD.115-1973.19; Yucca, Cape Marigold and Mesembryanthemum
PD.115-1973.20; Haemanthus
PD.115-1973.21; Variagated Nightshade
PD.115-1973.22; Foxglove, Canary Iris and Peaches
PD.115-1973.23; 'Native of Bermuda'
PD.115-1973.24; Sagittaria, or Arrowhead Bush and Sparganium or Burr Reed
PD.115-1973.25; Siliquastrum
PD.115-1973.26; Yellow Knapweed, Fig Marigold and Moss Roses
PD.115-1973.27; Friar's Crown
PD.115-1973.28; Two unidentified ?shrubs
PD.115-1973.29; Sunflower, Bean blossom and Michaelmas Daisy
PD.115-1973.30; Coronilla or Scarlet Colluta and Colchicum, or Striped Meadow Saffron
PD.115-1973.31; Two unidentified flowers
PD.115-1973.32; Citrus blossom and an unidentified blossom
PD.115-1973.33; Sweet Scabious
PD.115-1973.34; Lactea or Milky Thistle
PD.115-1973.35; Rhinanthus and Borrage
PD.115-1973.36; ?Ranunculus, Primulaceae and a double Narcissus-like white flower
PD.115-1973.37; Aposinum, Dog's bane or Tree Auricula
PD.115-1973.38; Opuntia
PD.115-1973.39; Crimson Hollyhock, White Hollyhock, Double Sweet William, Scarlet Cranesbill, Silver Edge Cranesbill, Horseshoe Cranesbill, Yellow Jasmine and Orange Blossom
PD.115-1973.40; Opuntia
PD.115-1973.41; Campanulas
PD.115-1973.42; Spatha or Sheath: Sea Daffodil
PD.115-1973.43; Convolvulus, ?True Siamony and Helianthus
PD.115-1973.44; Castor Plant or Palma Christi
PD.115-1973.45; Impatiens or Female Balsam
PD.115-1973.46; Snake Plant or Octangular Cereus and Joy Leav'd Cranesbill
PD.115-1973.47; Monarda and Dianthus
PD.115-1973.48; Aquatic Valerian, Double Jonquil and a Hitchwort
PD.115-1973.49; Adam's Needle and Viper's Tongue Alloe
PD.115-1973.50; Mesembryanthemum and unidentified (flowers a little like Solanum)
PD.115-1973.51; Double Stramonium, Iris, two unidentified flowers
PD.115-1973.52; Striped Convolvulus
PD.115-1973.53; ?Katesby's Bastesia
PD.115-1973.54; Persicaria Polygonum
PD.115-1973.55; ?A species of Rosaceae (a Rubus?)
PD.115-1973.56; Solanum or Winter Cherry
PD.115-1973.57; Lichnidia Phlox and Punica, September Punica portugal
PD.115-1973.58; Hypericum
PD.115-1973.59; Wallflower and Geranium
PD.115-1973.60; Paliurus or Christ's Thorn
PD.115-1973.61; Chelone from Virginia
PD.115-1973.62; Primrose and Grape Hyacinth
PD.115-1973.63; Holly leaved Jasmine and Spanish Henbane
PD.115-1973.64; Starry Hyacinth and Hellebore
PD.115-1973.65; Erythronium or Dog's Tooth and unidentified flower
PD.115-1973.66; ?Chrysanthemum and unidentified (?possibly blue anemone)
PD.115-1973.67; Vetch and Salvia (Wild Clary)
PD.115-1973.68; Hedysarum
PD.115-1973.69; Cardinal Flower and Clethra
PD.115-1973.70; Auriculas in a flower pot
PD.115-1973.71; Daphne mezereon and Marygold
PD.115-1973.72; Persian Cyclamen
PD.115-1973.73; Fritillary, Vetch and Dicentra cucullaria (Dutchman's Breeches)
PD.115-1973.74; ?Ragged Robin, ?Red Campion and a ?Campion (?Silene)
PD.115-1973.75; Two carnations and two unidentified species of compositae
PD.115-1973.76; Convolvulus, Cyclamen, two Prunus (?Plums) and unidentified
PD.115-1973.77; Large blue Iris
PD.115-1973.78; Studies of ?plums, including one cut in half to display the stone
PD.115-1973.79; Mertensia pulmonarioides (M. virginica)
PD.115-1973.80; Aster autumnalis
PD.115-1973.81; Auriculas
PD.115-1973.82; Hyacinth, Narcissus and Hellebore
PD.115-1973.83; Carnations
PD.115-1973.84; ?Trollius europaeus (Globe Flower)
PD.115-1973.85; A Pomegranate and an ?Orange, cut in half
PD.115-1973.86; Studies of three Carrots (Daucus carrota)
PD.115-1973.87; Anemones and a species of ?Daphne
PD.115-1973.88; Gloria Mundi, Trumpet Arch, [Auricula]
PD.115-1973.89; Variegated Iris and Punica
PD.115-1973.90; ?Anemones
PD.115-1973.91; Nigella and Marigold
PD.115-1973.92; Tulip and Geranium
PD.115-1973.93; ?A species of Campsis
PD.115-1973.94; ?Jasmine
PD.115-1973.95; Centaurea cyanus (Cornflower) and Verbascum
PD.115-1973.96; Carnations
PD.115-1973.97; Phlox and an Autumn Aster
PD.115-1973.98; Adonis or Dwarf Hellebore
PD.115-1973.99; Iris (?fulva)
PD.115-1973.100; Crocuses
PD.115-1973.101; Periwinkle and Martagon Lily
PD.115-1973.102; Drosera and a species of ?Heather
PD.115-1973.103; 'Nightshade' ?
PD.115-1973.104; Primulas and Prunus blossom
PD.115-1973.105; Auriculas and a Pasque Flower
PD.115-1973.106; Double Viola and an unidentified pink-white Compositae
PD.115-1973.107; Barrenwort or Epimedium and Yellow Restharrow or Ononis
PD.115-1973.108; Mouse-Ear Scorpion Grass, Phlomis and Common Speedwell
PD.115-1973.109; Two Ranunculus and an Anonis


Object Number: PD.115-1973
(Paintings, Drawings and Prints)
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