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Maker(s) &

Unknown, potter, probably, Syria, probably


Henry Scipio Reitlinger


fritware (stonepaste)


Islamic pottery; category
underglaze painted ware; category


circa 1400 1599


15th/16th Century


fritware painted in blue and black under a clear glaze with turquoise glazed foot ring
fritware, probably moulded, painted in blue and black under a clear crazed glaze with turquoise glaze on the foot ring.
Shape: bracketed flat rim on slightly concave body sitting on a very low, wide foot ring
Interior: a frieze of opposing groups of three black dotted semi-ovals is painted against a blue background filled with black horizontal lines, all enclosed by black concentric lines. In the roundel, an ovular floral spray with black stem and blue flowers and leaves outlined in black is painted in a sketchy style against the white background of the dish.
Exterior: on the lower body a frieze of black inter-locking ovals with blue upper sections sits on a black concentric line. A pair of black concentric lines is painted on the foot, these are lightly coloured with turquoise. The underside of the foot ring is coated with a turquoise glaze.


moulding; whole; or possibly throwing
painting underglaze; interior body; black, blue
glazing (coating); interior; clear, crazed
painting underglaze; exterior lower body; black, blue
glazing (coating); exterior body; clear, crazed
glazing (coating); underside foot ring; turquoise


fritware; whole
pigment; interior; black, blue
glaze; interior; clear, crazed
pigment; exterior lower body; black, blue
glaze; exterior body; clear
glaze; underside foot ring; turquoise


fritware, probably moulded, painted in blue and black under a clear crazed glaze with turquoise glaze on the foot ring


height, whole, 5.2, cm
width, whole, 26.3, cm
diameter, rim, 26.3, cm
diameter, base, 10, cm
weight, whole, 669, g


bequeathed; 1950; Reitlinger, Henry Scipio


Henry Scipio Reitlinger (d. 1950); Reitlinger Trust, Maidenhead

Acquisition Credit:

H. S. Reitlinger Bequest 1950; transferred from the Reitlinger Trust, 1991


packing number; ISCER 978; Allocated by Wendy Rose when object left Maidenhead


Crowe, Yolande. 2002. Persia and China. Safavid Blue and White Ceramics in the Victoria and Albert Museum 1501-1738.London: La Boriep. 43-48
Cf. vessel from no.1 (p.46). Ref. on 16th century blue and white Safavid pottery

Tonghini, Cristina. Grube, Ernst J. (ed.). 1994. The fine wares of Ayyubid Syria.Oxford: Oxford University Press
Source Title: Cobalt and Lustre: The First Centuries of Islamic Pottery. The Nasser D. Khalili Collection of Islamic Art. IX ()
p. 248-293
Cf. groups of ovals but on earlier Syrian pottery and with different background see catalogue number 334 (p.291). Ref. on Ayyubid ceramics


Object Number: C.490-1991
(Applied Arts)
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