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Painted Limestone Stela

Maker(s) &

, Egypt


architectural element




1853 B.C. 1794 B.C.


Twelfth Dynasty; Middle Kingdom


rectangular, belonging to a man named Amenemhet Nebwy. The owner is shown in two registers, seated and standing. His family members, including his mother, are named in the text.

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Abydos; E295






height, 82, cm
width, 65, cm


given; 1900; Egyptian Research Account


inscription; htp-di-nsw offering... for the ka of the Overseer of the House of Divine Offerings, Amen-em-hat Nebneby. His mother Nefert, born of Ipy, the Lady of the House Seneb, born of Imeny. His brother Overseer of weavers Sankh, born of Nefert. His sister Mehut-Ankh (?) , his brother Ren-ankh. The butler Renefseneb, the butler Senusert. Seeing the varied tribute by the beloved of the king, the overseer of the House of divine offerings, Amenemhat Nebnebi. His brother Ptah-meru, his brother Renefseneb , born of Ipy , the butler Neb-sut, his brother Ren-seneb. His brother Sa-Renenutet born of mesyt, the herdsman Amenemhat, young bulls, his brother Akhu-ema-Ptah.
inscription; Top Register; Relief carving; Htp-di-nsw Wsir Wnn-nfr di.f prt-xrw kAw Apdw Htpt DfAw xt-nb nfr wab n kA n imy-r pr n Htp-nTr Imn-m-hAt Nbwy mAa-xrw
inscription; Upper Register, left of large seated figure; Relief carving; mwt.f nfrt irt.n iy nbt-pr snb irt.n imny
inscription; Upper Register, upper right of offering table; Relief carving; sn.f imy-r mrt sanx ir.n nfrt mAa-xrw snt.f rxwt-anx sn.f rn-anx
inscription; Upper Register, lower right of offering table; Relief carving; aAm wdpw rn.f snb Xnmw sn-wsrt
inscription; Middle Register; Relief carving; mAA inw aSA in rx-nsw mAa mr.f imy-r pr Htpw-nTr Imn-m-HAt Nbwy mAa-xrw
inscription; Lower Register, down staff of large standing figure; Relief carving; sn.f sA-rnn-wtt ir.n msyt
inscription; Lower Register, upper right of large standing figure; Relief carving; sn.f Sdw-ptH aAm nb-sw-m-nw sn.f rn-f-snb ir.n iy
inscription; Lower Register, lower right of large standing figure; Relief carving; mniw imn-m-HAt rnn iwA sn.f Axw-m-a-ptH


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Object Number: E.207.1900
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