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, Egypt




statue fragment


circa 550 B.C.


Late Period; Twenty-sixth Dynasty


base and feet of statue of Psammetichus I

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length, 82.7, cm
width, 41, cm
height, base, 17.5, cm
height, feet, 4, cm


given; 1865; Clarke, Edward Daniel


inscription; top surface; incised; Htp-di-nsw nTr aA imy-wt Hwwt Htp di nTrw nbw imntt Htp di pr-xrw t Hnqt kA Apd n=f wp rnpt wag DHwty skr Hb wr nb di Hnqt t wp aAw Hwwt Hb pr(t)-nTrwy t Hnqt Abd smdt Hb nb hrw nb Dt m nb imAxw nTr aA xr nTr nfr xnt pr aA nTr nfr Xnm-ib-ra imAxw psmTk


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Object Number: E.2.1865
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