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Unidentified Orvieto pottery, pottery, Italy, Umbria, Orvieto


H.S. Reitlinger


tin-glazed earthenware; maiolica




circa 1250 1350


maiolica arcaica


13th Century; 14th Century; Medieval


Late Medieval maiolica jug, painted in manganese and green with leaves at the front, cross-hatching, oblique strokes and lines.
Pale yellowish-buff earthenware, the interior, lower part and edge of base lead-glazed yellowish-brown; the rest tin-glazed off-white. The glaze has bubbled, leaving craters in its surface. Painted in manganese and copper-green.
Shape 11. Ovoid body with disk base, tall cylindrical neck, carinated rim, pinched at the front to form a lip (missing), and loop handle with a depression on the underside.
The front is decorated with two heart-shaped leaves linked by curved stems and two triangles filled with cross-hatching. On each side of the handles, in manganese, there are oblique strokes between two groups of three vertical lines. Above and below are two manganese horizontal bands; on the front of the neck, a green chain with three manganese bands above; and on the handle, six horizontal stripes of alternate colours.


throwing; body
lead-glazing; interior, lower part; and edge of base
tin-glazing; exterior
painting; decoration


earthenware; whole
lead-glaze; interior, lower part; and edge of base
tin-glaze; exterior
high-temperature colours; decoration; manganese and copper-green


Pale yellowish-buff earthenware, the interior, lower part and edge of base lead-glazed yellowish-brown; the rest tin-glazed off-white. Painted in manganese and copper-green.


height, whole, 19.8, cm
diameter, base, 8.5, cm
width, front to handle, 11.6, cm


bequeathed; 1991-04-29; Reitlinger, Henry Scipio


Probably Signor Avvocato Marcioni or Cavaliere Capitano Lucatelli; Sotheby's, 16-17 February 1914, Catalogue of the collections of early Italian pottery formed by Signor Avvocato Marcioni and Cavaliere Capitano Lucatelli of Orvieto, part of lot 104. William Ridout; Christie's, 13 December 1938, part of lot 104; H.S. Reitlinger (d.1950); the Reitlinger Trust, Maidenhead, from which transferred in 1991.


Ridout, William; previous owner
Reitlinger, Henry Scipio; previous owner

Acquisition Credit:

H.S. Reitlinger Bequest, 1950; transferred from the Reitlinger Trust, 1991


label; printed in blue and inscribed in blue-black ink; 'WILLIAM RIDOUT COLLECTION' printed in blue, 'O/57' in blue-black ink; circular with blue border; number in W.B. Honey's catalogue of the Ridout collection
label; inscribed in pencil; 104; brown tie-on
inscription; on base; in pencil; illegible number


Honey, William Bowyer. Ridout, F. U.. 1934. A Catalogue of the Collection of Italian and other Maiolica, Mediaeval English Pottery, Dutch, Spanish and French Faïence, and other Ceramic Wares, formed by William Ridout of London and Toronto.London: p. p. 14
Publ. p. 14, O.57.

Poole, Julia E.. 1995. Italian Maiolica and Incised Slipware in the Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge.Cambridge (Cambs.): Cambridge University Pressp. pp. 26-7
Publ. pp. 26-7, no. 36


Object Number: C.45-1991
(Applied Arts)
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