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Cutting from the Missals of Pope Clement VII

Maker(s) &

Giallo, Jacopo del, artist, Italy, Rome


Charles Brinsley Marlay


illuminated manuscript


cutting (manuscript); sub-category
missal; type of text


circa 1523 circa 1534


first half of 16th Century


PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Parchment, traces of earlier paper mounts on verso, collage formed of original central miniature and composite frame made up of separate border elements. Central miniature 202 x 132 mm, left and right borders 312 x 58 mm, upper border 47x 135 mm, lower border 66 x 135 mm.

DECORATION: Arch-topped miniature of the Deposition of Christ surrounded by full historiated border with gold ornament on black ground and ovoid compartments with portraits of the Evangelists at each corner, Adam and the Tree of Knowledge in the left-hand border, a prophet (probably Isaiah) in the right-hand border, the arms of Clement VII and two female supporters, Justice and Charity, in the lower margin, and Clement VII’s device of the crystal sphere and burning tree in the upper margin, two small ovals containing inscriptions CLE and VII in outer margin.


illumination; whole


parchment; support
gold; medium




bequeathed; 1912; Marlay, Charles Brinsley


Pope Clement VII (r. 1523-1534); Abate Luigi Celotti (c.1768-c.1846); his sale, Christie’s, London, 26 May 1825, lot 63 (Marlay cutting It. 35) and part of lot 74 (Marlay cuttings It. 33 and It. 34); Thomas Miller Whitehead


Marlay, Charles Brinsley; previous owner
Whitehead, Thomas Miller; previous owner
Celotti, Abate Luigi; previous owner
Pope Clement VII; previous owner



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Source Title: Bollettino dei Musei Civici Veneziani 7 (2) (1962) : 1-23

p. 6, 21 n.14


Object Number: Marlay cutting It. 34
(Manuscripts and Printed Books)
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