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Model book

Maker(s) &

, production, Italy, Tuscany, Florence, probably Florence


illuminated manuscript


leaf (manuscript); sub-category
fragment (manuscript); sub-category
other; type of text


circa 1150 circa 1175


twelfth century, third quarter


PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Parchment, i paper flyleaf + 3 fols. (late medieval pagination 27-29 in brown ink) + i paper flyleaf, 230 x 145 mm, pricking in outer margins.

BINDING: 1980s, quarter brown morocco, marbled paper over wooden boards, by the Cockerell bindery.

CONTENTS: fols. 1r-3v Designs for twenty-two letters in the Latin alphabet

ORNAMENTATION: Ink drawings for initials filled with white vine-scroll and accompanied by designs for Evangelist symbols, animals, birds and foliate ornament: fol. 1r Designs for foliate ornament, the Zodiac sign of Pisces, and seven initials: two A initials with addorsed birds between them, B, C, two D initials, the second one extending into a bird, and Q formed of a dragon biting its tail; fol. 1v Designs for five initials: R, T, Y, X, U; fol. 2r Designs for six initials: M with a bird, O, L, N, and two S initials, the second one formed of a dragon; fol. 2v Designs for foliate ornament and five initials: C, E with a bird, N, Q extending into a dragon, and G with a dragon head and man climbing among vines; fol. 3r Designs for two roundels with the Evangelist symbols of St Matthew and St Luke, and five initials: F, P extending into a dragon’s head spewing foliage, H with two birds, I, and K.

Two illuminated initials with white vine-scroll on blue and buff ground, within thin red frames: fol. 3v Initials C and O.


illumination; whole


parchment; support
ink; medium
gold; medium




presented; 1972; Wormald, Francis, Mrs


Francis Wormald (1904-1972), acquired before May 1958; presented to the Museum by Mrs Wormald in 1972 in accordance with her late husband’s wishes.


Wormald, Francis, Mrs; previous owner



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Middeldorf Kosegarten 2002-2003


Object Number: MS 83-1972
(Manuscripts and Printed Books)
(record id: 176496; input: 2010-04-14; modified: 2017-04-04)


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