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Unknown, potter, Turkey, Anatolia, Iznik
Unknown, potter, Turkey, Anatolia, Iznik


fritware (stonepaste)


Islamic pottery; category
Iznik; category


circa 1580 circa 1595




late 16th Century


fritware painted in polychrome under a colourless glaze
fritware, mould made, painted in red slip, blue, black and turquoise under a colourless glaze
Shape: rectangular border tile with bevelled edges on the underside
Upper side: a turquoise border is painted on the upper and lower edges. A scrolling pattern of split palmettes, and ‘fleur de lys’ shaped palmettes, is reserved in red slip with black outlines and articulation in blue.
Under side: undecorated


moulding; whole
painting underglaze; upper surface; red slip, blue, black and turquoise
glazing (coating); upper surface; colourless


fritware; whole; buff-coloured
pigment; upper surface; red slip, blue, black and turquoise
glaze; upper surface; colourless


fritware, mould made, painted in red slip, blue and turquoise under a colourless glaze


height, whole, 9.5, cm
length, whole, 14.6, cm
depth, whole, 1.6, cm
weight, whole, 266, g


given; 1924-12; Calverley, E.L., Mrs

Acquisition Credit:

Given by Mrs E.L. Calverley


label; underside; hand written in blue; Given by Mrs E.L. Caverley; Rectangular paper label; old object label


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Cf. use of red ground with similar plamettes and split palmettes but on a dish see catalogue number 88 (p. 256-7). Ref.


Object Number: C.42-1924
(Applied Arts)
(record id: 17575; input: 2000-12-18; modified: 2012-10-15)


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