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The Lord answering Job out of the whirlwind Illustrations for the Book of Job


Blake, William; draughtsman; British artist, 1757-1827








For plate 14.


drawing (image-making)


graphite; medium
Indian ink; medium
rice paper; support


graphite and Indian ink on paper


height, 146, mm
width, 92, mm


bequeathed; 1950; Riches, Thomas Henry


John Linnell (d. 1882); the Linnell Trustees; John Linnell sale, Christie's, 15 March 1918 (150), bt. by Messrs. Carfax for T.H. Riches (for 480 gns); Mrs T.H. Riches

Acquisition Credit:

Bequeathed 1935.


; on wrapper (applies to all in series); ink; These are Mr Blakes reduced Drawings / & studies for the Engravings of The Book of Job / Done for me / John Linnell; the wrapper is made from two folded leaves of W. Hayley's 'Ballads', 1802, for which Blake made a number of engravings
signature; done by (uintelligible); appears to be a kind of signature, a series of symbols, including a hand and an eye - they have no precedent in Blake's work, and remain not entirely clear; ?
; upper right; graphite; 14



Bindman, David. 1970. William Blake: catalogue of the Blake collection in the Fitzwilliam Museum Cambridge.Cambridge (Cambs.): W. Heffer and Sons Ltd.p. 45-9
Cat. no. 39.16, plate 53.

Keynes, Geoffrey. 1949. Blake Studies.p. 119-34
C. XII, 'The history of the Job designs'.

Binyon, Laurence. Keynes, Geoffrey. 1935. Illustrations to the Book of Job by William Blake.p. 20-49
I, fascicle IV, the complete set in colour.

Keynes, Geoffrey. 1956. The Letters of William Blake.p. 183-4, 196

Keynes, Geoffrey. 1927. Pencil drawings by William Blake.
Plates 57-78

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Object Number: PD.40-1950
(Paintings, Drawings and Prints)
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