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Job and his family Illustrations for the Book of Job


Blake, William; draughtsman; British artist, 1757-1827








For plate 1.




graphite; medium
Indian ink; medium
grey wash; medium
white bodycolour; medium
rice paper; support


graphite, Indian ink, grey wash with some white heightening on paper, with slight indications of marginal design in graphite above and below the drawing


height, 92, mm
width, 120, mm


bequeathed; 1950; Riches, Thomas Henry


John Linnell (d. 1882); the Linnell Trustees; John Linnell sale, Christie's, 15 March 1918 (150), bt. by Messrs. Carfax for T.H. Riches (for 480 gns); Mrs T.H. Riches

Acquisition Credit:

Bequeathed 1935.


; on wrapper (applies to all in series); ink; These are Mr Blakes reduced Drawings / & studies for the Engravings of The Book of Job / Done for me / John Linnell; the wrapper is made from two folded leaves of W. Hayley's 'Ballads', 1802, for which Blake made a number of engravings
; upper right; graphite; I


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Venue: Museum of Fine Arts, Virginia, Virginia

William Blake and the Book of Job. 1998-06-14 - 1998-10-25
Organiser: The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge (Cambs.), UK
Venue: The Fitzwilliam Museum
Catalogue number: 4


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Cat. no. 39.3, plate 40.

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Plates 57-78

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Object Number: PD.26-1950
(Paintings, Drawings and Prints)
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