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Har and Heva bathing: Mnetha looking on Illustrations to Tiriel


Blake, William; draughtsman; British artist, 1757-1827






circa 1785 1789






Indian ink; medium
grey wash; medium
paper; support


point of the brush, Indian ink and grey wash on paper


height, 181, mm
width, 273, mm


bequeathed; 1953; Marsh, Edward Howard


Possibly from the collection of Frederick Tatham (d. 1878); Joseph Hogarth; his sale, Southgate and Barretts, 8 June 1854 (643), bt. by Morley (probably for E. Bicknell); Bicknell sale, Christie's, 1 May 1863 (381), bt. by Herbert P. Horne (d. 1916) (for 9s); acquired by Edward Marsh (through Carfax Gallery) in 1904

Acquisition Credit:

Through the National Art Collections Fund.


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PD.161-1985; Har and Heva asleep with Mnetha guarding them


Object Number: PD.13-1953
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