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Book of Hours

Maker(s) &

, production, France, Northern France
, production, Flanders


Viscount Fitzwilliam


illuminated manuscript


book of hours; type of text
use of Tournai; liturgical use


circa 1450


mid 15th century


PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Parchment, ii paper flyleaves + 139 fols. + ii paper flyleaves, 179 x 127 (112 x 62) mm, 15 long lines, ruled in brown ink, catchwords.

BINDING: 19th century, gold-tooled red leather over pasteboards

CONTENTS: fols. 1v – 2v Hymns Veni Creator, Deus qui corda (16th century addition); fols. 3r – 14v Calendar in French; fols. 15r – 16r Gospel Sequence of St John; fols. 18r – 41v Passion according to St John; fols. 43r – 90v Hours of the Virgin; fols. 91r – 107v Penitential Psalms and Litany; fols. 108r – 113v Suffrages; fols. 115r – 139r Office of the Dead (incomplete).

DECORATION: Eleven full-page framed miniatures with three-sided floral bar borders and full acanthus, floral and gold ivy leaf borders on plain parchment including birds and dragons, at major text divisions:
fol. 17v Passion according to St John, Agony in the Garden; Fol. 19v Carrying of the Cross, with St Veronica; fol. 23v Christ crowned with thorns; fol. 27v Flagellation; fol. 30v Pilate washing hands; fol. 32v Crucifixion with two thieves, Longinus piercing Christ’s side, Virgin supported by St John, St Mary Magdalene, soldiers on horseback, and skull below Cross; fol. 36v Deposition; fol. 38v Entombment with two women and St John; fol. 40v Resurrection; fol. 42v Hours of the Virgin, Matins, Annunciation; fol. 114v Office of the Dead, soul borne by angels to God in heaven.

ORNAMENTATION: Blue or pink initials [4 – 6 ll.] with floral infill on gold grounds with borders facing and matching those for the full-page miniatures at major text divisions; gold initials [1 – 3 ll.] on blue and pink white-patterned grounds with one-sided gold ivy leaf borders; red initials [1 – 2 ll.] on fols. 1v – 2v; blue and pink white-patterned bar linefillers with gold balls; capitals highlighted in red.


illumination; whole


parchment; support
gold; medium


height, page, 179, mm
width, page, 127, mm
height, text, 112, mm
width, text, 62, mm


bequeathed; 1816; Fitzwilliam, Richard, 7th Viscount


Motto ‘15M52 De myeulx en myeulx Bourgogne’ (fol. 16r); ownership inscription recording that the book was given to sister Anne Teresse Drouhot of the convent of St Quirin at Huy by her grandmother ‘de Neufville’ who died aged 98 in September 1664 (fol. 16v); Richard, seventh viscount Fitzwilliam of Merrion (1745 – 1816), acquired in 1789; his bequest, 1816.


Fitzwilliam, Richard, 7th Viscount; previous owner
Drouhot, Sister Anne Teresse; previous owner
de Neufville; previous owner


secundo folio; fol. 16r; [ha]bitavit in nobis


James, Montague Rhodes, Dr. 1895. A Descriptive Catalogue of the Manuscripts in the Fitzwilliam Museum.Cambridge (Cambs.): Cambridge University Pressp. 208 - 209

Morgan, Nigel. Panayotova, Stella. 2009. A Catalogue of Western Book Illumination in the Fitzwilliam Museum and the Cambridge Colleges. Part One. Vol. 1: The Frankish Kingdoms, Northern Netherlands, Germany, Bohemia, Hungary, Austria; Vol. II: The Meuse Region, Southern Netherlands.London: Harvey Miller/Brepols
cat. no. 177


Object Number: MS 81
(Manuscripts and Printed Books)
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