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Vita Caroli Magni


Acciaiuoli, Donato; author; Italian, d.1704
Benedetto Strozzi, Messer Piero di; scribe
Chierico, Francesco di Antonio del and associate; artist
; production


Viscount Fitzwilliam


illuminated manuscript


other; type of text




fifteenth century, third quarter


PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Parchment, ii paper flyleaves (first pasted to silk) + ii contemporary parchment flyleaves + 32 fols. + ii paper flyleaves (second pasted to silk), 245 x 165 mm (155 x 80 mm), 26 long lines, ruled in hard point, catchwords.

BINDING: Early nineteenth century, Paris, dark blue morocco over pasteboards, gilt and lined with pink silk, by Bozérian Jeune (gold lettering on spine: BEL. P. BOZERIAN JEON).

fol. 1v Dedication to Louis XI of France
fols. 2r-4r Donato Acciaiuoli, Preface addressed to Louis XI of France
fols. 6r-26r Donato Acciaiuoli, Vita Caroli Magni (ed. Mencke 1728-1730, I, cols. 813-832; Gatti 1981).

ORNAMENTATION: Gold-framed medallion with dedication to Louis XI of France written in gold and blue epigraphic capitals, supported by a putto, flanked by two musical putti, and surmounted by the royal arms of France supported by two putti, with two more kneeling above the shield (fol. 1v).

Two gold initials [both C, 6-7 ll.] filled with and framed by white vine-scroll on blue, pink and green ground, and accompanied by full white vine-scroll borders on blue, pink and green ground, inhabited by putti, birds and deer, the first one incorporating medallions with a child’s head and an armoured warrior’s bust, the second a medallion with plants, both including the royal arms of France supported by putti in the lower borders (fols. 2r, 6r).

Place (legacy):

Italy, production, region
Florence, place


illumination; whole


parchment; support
gold; medium




bequeathed; 1816; Fitzwilliam, Richard, 7th Viscount


Louis XI of France (1461-1483); Auguste Chardin (no. 450 in his catalogue of 1811); Richard, seventh Viscount Fitzwilliam of Merrion (1745–1816), acquired in 1814; his bequest, 1816.


Fitzwilliam, Richard, 7th Viscount; previous owner
Chardin, Auguste; previous owner
Louis XI, King of France; previous owner


This is the copy of Charlemagne’s Life presented by the Florentine ambassadors to the recently crowned Louis XI on 2 January 1462 (Milanesi 1865, 7, 25; Garin 1976; Gatti 1981, 1-19). It was commissioned by Lorenzo de’ Medici and produced by Vespasiano da Bisticci (c.1422-1498), the ‘prince of booksellers’ (de la Mare 1985, 401-406). The author, Donato Acciaiuoli (1429-1478), a renowned scholar and diplomat, was a trusted ambassador to Lorenzo de’ Medici and a close friend of Vespasiano da Bisticci’s, who described the presentation of the manuscript to Louis XI in his account of Donato’s life (Greco 1970-1976, II, 426; Gatti 1981, 20-27; Ganz 1982; Ganz 1990). Albinia de la Mare attributed the script to one of the leading Florentine scribes of the time, Messer Piero di Benedetto Strozzi (1416-c.1492), a parish priest of Ripoli, who copied manuscripts for Vespasiano’s distinguished clients between 1443 and 1490 (de la Mare 1985, 430-31, 530, App. I, 62 no. 10). The decoration was entrusted to Francesco di Antonio del Chierico (1433-1484), one of the dominant figures in contemporary Florentine illumination, due largely to his close associations with the Medici (Garzelli 1985, I, 101-156; Bollati in Bollati 2004, 228-32). He was responsible for the double opening of the dedication frontispiece and the prologue (fols. 1v-2r), which show the transition from the precise drawing technique and saturated pigments of his early works to the briskly sketched figures and delicate palette of his documented, post-1463 manuscripts. The opening of the main text (fol. 6r) was illuminated by a different artist, whose crisp outlines, deep colours and firm modeling follow Antonio del Chierico’s early works faithfully enough to suggest a master-apprentice relationship. The same artist assisted del Chierico in other important commissions, including two manuscripts produced by Vespasiano da Bisticci and copied by Piero di Benedetto Strozzi: the Medici Pliny (Florence, Laurenziana, MS Plut. 82, 3) and Alfonso of Aragon’s Livy (Florence, Biblioteca nazionale, MSS Banco rari 34-36). The close relationship between commissioner, author, scribe, artist and bookseller demonstrate the importance of this manuscript as a diplomatic gift that made a subtle political statement, offering the French king the biography of his celebrated predecessor in a copy which demonstrated the intellectual and artistic excellence of the Florentine Renaissance.


secundo folio; fol. 3r; sibi ad imitandum


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Notes: unpublished handlist of an exhibition held in the Adeane gallery, October 1989 - February 1990
Catalogue number: 76


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Object Number: MS 180
(Manuscripts and Printed Books)
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