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Engravings by the Matham family, volume 1 Lord Fitzwilliam's print album


Matham, Adriaen; printmaker; Dutch artist, c.1599-1660
Matham, Jacob; printmaker; Dutch artist, 1571-1631
Matham, Theodor; printmaker; Dutch artist, 1605/6-1676


album; print




16th/17th century


104 engravings, two removed (no.54 and no.100)






bequeathed; 1816; Fitzwilliam, Richard, 7th Viscount


23.I.10-10; The Virgin and child with St Elizabeth and the infant St John offering a bird to the child
23.I.10-11; The Virgin and child with angels
23.I.10-12; The Adoration of the Shepherds with St Peter and St Paul in the foreground
23.I.10-13; The Virgin and Child on a crescent moon surrounded by angels
23.I.10-21; The Virgin on a Throne Surrounded by Saints Catharine, Lucia, Francis, and Christians of Various Orders
23.I.10-23; The Adoration of the Magi
23.I.10-24; The Adoration of the Magi
23.I.10-26; Moses
23.I.10-26*; The High Priest Aaron, brother of Moses
23.I.10-27; A Peasant tormenting one of his hirelings for having visited the Tomb of St Mark
23.I.10-28; The Visitation
23.I.10-29; The Annunciation
23.I.10-30; Rest on the flight into Egypt
23.I.10-31; St Catherine
23.I.10-32; St Mary Magdalen repentant
23.I.10-33; St Cecilia playing the organ, with two angels singing
23.I.10-34; The Last Supper
23.I.10-35; Christ washing the feel of his disciples
23.I.10-36; Christ Raising the Only Son of the Widow in Nain
23.I.10-37; The Agony in the Garden
23.I.10-39; Christ on the Cross in an allegorical setting
23.I.10-40; Christ on the Cross
23.I.10-41; The Adoration of the Shepherds
23.I.10-42; Crucifixion with the Virgin and St John in an allegorical setting
23.I.10-43; The Entombment of Christ
23.I.10-45; The Holy Family
23.I.10-46; The Man of Sorrows
23.I.10-47; Christ as a Gardener, approaching Mary Magdalen
23.I.10-48; Virgin and child with two angels
23.I.10-49; Spring
23.I.10-51; Calvary
23.I.10-52; Christ revealing himself to two of his disciples at Emmaus
23.I.10-53; September, represented by the diversion of the Hunt.
23.I.10-55; Abraham casting out hagar
23.I.10-56; Kitchen scene with a maid plucking poultry, and the parable of the rich man and the poor Lazarus behind
23.I.10-57; Kitchen scene with a kitchen maid preparing fish, and Christ at Emmaus in the room behind her
23.I.10-58; Market scene with the rest on the flight to Eygpt behind
23.I.10-59; Peasants at a Market, with the parable of the labourers in the vineyard behind
23.I.10-60; The Prodigal Son wastes his inheritance
23.I.10-61; Diana as Luna aiding a young man serenading his mistress.
23.I.10-62; Venus and Mars
23.I.10-63; Spring
23.I.10-64; Summer
23.I.10-65; Autumn
23.I.10-66; Winter
23.I.10-68; The Triumph of Neptune and Thetis
23.I.10-69; An allegory on the transitoriness of Human existence
23.I.10-70; A god and goddess embracing
23.I.10-72; Sleeping Venus and Cupid watched by Satyrs
23.I.10-77; Danaƫ receiving the golden rain
23.I.10-83; The Rich Man holding a banquet while Lazarus is dying at his door
23.I.10-84; Venus taking the Prize for Beauty
23.I.10-98; The marriage at Cana, left half
23.I.10-99; The marriage at Cana, right half
23.I.10-101; Cupid conquering Pan
23.I.10-102; Sperm whale that was beached near Beverwijk on 19 December 1601
23.I.10-103; Andromeda
23.I.10-17; Madonna and Child with a crescent
23.i.10-50; The three Fates
23.I.10-6; A man with a wide-brimmed feathered hat holding an empty glass upside down
23.I.10-7; A man holding a medallion portrait of a woman, directed to the right


Object Number: 23.I.10
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