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Fans / Folding Fan

AA, MS.1617-1976

Fans / Screen Fan


Fixed fan with double printed paper leaf of violin-shaped with applied oval printed and painted paper motifs on each side; dark crimson silk fringe on outer curved edges; turned boxwood handle with a loose ring.

AA, M.23-1988

Fans / Fan Case



AA, T.8-1985

Fans / Fan Case



AA, T.11-1985

Fans / Fan Case



AA, T.16-1985

Fans / Fan Case



AA, T.23-1985

Fans / Fan Case



AA, T.28-1985

Fans / Screen Fan


The stick and centre stick are clad in tortoiseshell, with red and a green stained ivory trim; mounts of enamel on copper and on silver, some are missing. There is a cream silk-knotted tassel. The rim is of tortoiseshell and the face of silver net with appliqué polychrome silk embroidery.

AA, O.6-1985

Fans / Screen Fan


Stick: turned hardwood, inlaid with silver wire, with green-stained ivory trim. Applied bottom mount; polychrome silk embroidery on red silk with paint. Centre stick is covered with brocade. Top mount: gilt? silver. Rim: iron-wire, round in black silk. Face: polychrome Kesi.

AA, O.26-1985

Fans / Screen Fan


Stick: ivory carved in relief and pierced; knotted string of green silk bound in blue, with red and gold tassels, with sliding gilt paper-wrapped toggles. Rim: brocade covered. Face: polychrome silk embroidered on satin.

AA, O.29-1985

Fans / Screen Fan


Screen fan decorated with a lakeside landscape, the reverse with inscriptions; the stick with figures amongst buildings. The stick: carved and pierced ivory, with paper-backed tortoiseshell clamp, one pin missing, dark blue knotted tassel bound in silver and silver gilt wire. The rim: cane, covered in blue brocade. Face: palm leaves, decorated with hot needles and sgraffito through blue paint.

AA, O.32-1985

Fans / Screen Fan


Stick: plain bamboo. Rim: brocade covered. Face: painted in translucent watercolours and inscribed in Chinese ink on silk; reverse: inscribed in Chinese ink on gold spattered silk.

AA, O.64-1985

Fans / Screen Fan


Stick and rim, reverse: wood and cane, painted in gold on black lacquer. String and tassels: green and crimson silk with milk-glass beads. Rim: obverse: brocade covered. Face: coarse silk, painted in opaque watercolours with applied painted ivory, silk and paper.

AA, O.68-1985

Fans / Screen Fan


Stick: light softwood, carved. Ribs: bamboo. Face: printed from woodblocks; obverse: in red, green and grey; reverse in black.

AA, O.11-1985

Fans / Fan Wrapper


Paper, printed in polychrome from woodblocks.

AA, O.15b-1985

Fans / Folding Fan


Guards: bronze, parcel-gilt. Sticks: lacquered bamboo. Face: coarse silk on paper, painted with gold and silver.

AA, O.43-1985

Fans / Screen Fan


Screen fan, decorated with Chrysanthemums. Sticks: dark? pine. Face : ? cedar painted in polychrome opaque watercolours with raised work in gofun. (Powdered shell)

AA, O.50-1985

Fans / Folding Fan


Guards: bamboo, lacquered and pierced. Sticks: lacquered bamboo. Face: heavy paper, painted, obverse; in polychrome opaque watercolours and gold; reverse: in polychrome opaque watercolours on a mica- dressing, with scattered gold.

AA, O.55-1985

Fans / Folding Fan


Guards: bamboo, red-lacquered and pierced. Sticks: red lacquered bamboo. Face: paper with simulated leather grain, painted in ink and polychrome opaque watercolours on a gold ground.

AA, O.57-1985

Fans / Brisé Fan


Brisé fan, ivory, decorated with takamaki-e and hiramaki-e work.

AA, O.82-1985

Fans / Brisé Fan


Brisé fan, pierced ivory sticks and carved ivory guards (19+2) mounted with white goose feathers tipped with marabou, and painted in polychrome body colour: shades of green, blue, purple, shades of pink, shades of brown, grey and black. Gilt-metal carrying loop ornamented with a red silk knot attached by a pale green silk cord.

AA, O.1 & A-1994

Fans / Fixed Fan


AA, O.18-1985

Fans / Folding Fan

AA, O.75-1985

Fans / Temple Fan



AA, O.83-1985

Fans / Fan Leaf

gold and colours

PDP, PD.8-1985

Objects found: 710 | Page 5 of 29
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