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Lead-glazed Earthenware / Dish Drainer


Cream-coloured earthenware, painted in purple, two shades of green, and brown enamel-colours

AA, C.6-1991

Lead-glazed Earthenware / Oval Dish

Josiah Wedgwood & Sons

white earthenware with slightly blue tinted glaze, transfer-printed in dark ochre-yellow, painted underglaze in blue, overglaze in red and yellow enamels, and gilt

AA, C.18-1915

Lead-glazed Earthenware / Egg Cup


white earthenware, transfer-printed in ochre-yellow, painted underglaze in blue, overglaze in red enamel, and gilt

AA, C.20-1915

Lead-glazed Earthenware / Mug


White earthenware transfer-printed in yellow, painted underglaze in blue, and overglaze in red, yellow, and apricot enamels

AA, C.164-1918

Earthenware / Tile

Charles Green caricature

Barnard, Frederick

dust-pressed white earthenware, lead-glazed and painted

AA, C.5A-1949

Lead-glazed Earthenware / Tile

Arthur Burdett Frost caricature

Barnard, Frederick

white earthenware tiles, painted overglaze with brown enamel

AA, C.5F-1949

Fritware (stonepaste) / Tile


fritware, mould made, coated in white glaze painted under the glaze in blue and over the glaze in lustre

AA, C.26-1934

Earthenware / Plate

Dessert plate from ‘Garden’ series (deckchair)

Josiah Wedgwood & Sons Ltd

earthenware, with prints underglaze and painted overglaze in enamel

AA, C.3-2001

Porcelain / Jar


hard paste porcelain painted in the `five colour' palette, green, iron-red, black, yellow, aubergine enamels with underglaze-blue (wucai decoration)

AA, C.652 & A-1991

Porcelain / Plate


hard-paste porcelain, painted overglaze in red, green, aubergine, and black enamels, and gold

AA, C.25-1998

Objects found: 652 | Page 1 of 66
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