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Armour / Spanish Morion


Formed in one piece with an almond-shaped crown that rises to a short, backward-directed 'stalk' at its apex; and a narrow, integral brim that is turned down evenly all round; hammered, shaped, riveted, with etched and file-roped decoration on a blackened ground

AA, HEN.M.43-1933

Armour / Pauldron


formed of three upward-overlapping lames curved to the outside of the upper arm; hammered, shaped, riveted, with etched decoration on the lower edge of each lame

AA, HEN.M.140-1933

Armour / Couter


formed of a single, shell-like plate, open at the rear and strongly shaped to the point of the elbow; hammered, shaped, riveted, with recessed borders, and raised ribs with etched and gilded decoration

AA, M.1.7B-1936

Armour / Gauntlet


formed of a flared cuff, a metacarpal-plate and four finger-plates; hammered, shaped, riveted, with bands and border with etched and gilded decoration

AA, M.3-1942

Weapons / Sword


sword, cast, with etched blade, blackened hilt, fluted pommel and incised quillon-block

AA, HEN.M.236-1933


Bookplate of Sidney Vere Pearson

Bone, David Muirhead


PDP, P.301-1991


La Porte de St-Malo à Dinan

Bonvin, François


PDP, P.304-1991



Brandard, E. M.


PDP, P.313-1991

Weapons / Plug-bayonet


blade, cast, decorated with etched and pierced silver mount

AA, M.6-1956


Le Mariage d'un Prince

Casanova y Estorach, Antonio

etching, drypoint

PDP, P.335-1991

Objects found: 19749 | Page 1 of 1975
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