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Tin-glazed Earthenware / Tile


earthenware, tin-glazed off-white on the upper surface and painted in two shades of blue, copper-green, yellow and orange, outlined in manganese

AA, C.2129-1928

Earthenware / Tile


earthenware, moulded, glazed, and decorated with blue and lustre

AA, C.145-1933

Tin-glazed Earthenware / Tile

Hospital Bed Tile


earthenware, tin-glazed white on the upper surface and painted in blue, green, yellow, orange and manganese

AA, EC.1-1941

Armour / Comb Morion


formed in one piece with a fairly high, medial comb terminating some distance above the brow and the nape, and downturned brim projecting forward and backward very slightly to an obtuse point; hammered, shaped, riveted

AA, HEN.M.37-1933

Weapons / Rapier


sword, cast

AA, HEN.M.226-1933

Weapons / Rapier

Palumbo, Onofrio

sword, cast, with a grooved blade and chiselled decoration

AA, M.15-1947

Weapons / Plug-bayonet


blade, cast, decorated with etched and pierced silver mount

AA, M.6-1956

Weapons / Flint-lock Blunderbuss


AA, HEN.M.435-1933

Glass / Tumbler (drinking Glass)


opaque white glass, mould-blown, enamelled in blue, yellow, red, green, white and black

AA, C.13-1977

Glass / Sprinkler Bottle

La Granja de San Ildefonso glasshouse

blown, wheel-engraved and partly gilt

AA, C.8-1999

Objects found: 414 | Page 1 of 42
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