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Armour / Breastplate (body Armour)


the medially-ridged breastplate is formed in one piece with a narrow, upward-flanged neck-opening and a flange at the waist; hammered, shaped, riveted, hinged, decorated with inicised lines

AA, HEN.M.18B-1933

Armour / Backplate (body Armour)


formed in one piece with a wide neck-opening and a narrow waist-flange; hammered, shaped, riveted, decorated with incised lines

AA, HEN.M.23D-1933

Letter /

Palmer, Samuel (senior)


MSSPB, MS 134-2000

Miniature (painting) / Folding Spy Glass

Unknown Lady

Smart, John

silver case engraved and set with mother-of-pearl plaques, the two articulated arms contain a watercolour painted on ivory and a magnifying glass

PDP, M.94-1961

Armour / Pot Helmet


formed of a skull, a pivoted peak with triple-bar face-defence, a neck-defence of two lames, and a pair of pendant cheek-pieces; hammered, shaped, riveted, with embossed neck-defence and recessed borders

AA, HEN.M.102-1933

Armour / Breastplate (body Armour)


formed of a medially-ridged main plate and a waist-lame of deep-bellied form; hammered, shaped, riveted, with file-roped and incised decoration

AA, HEN.M.116-1933

Armour / Breastplate (body Armour)

Tyne, Ambrose

formed in one-piece with a narrow flange at the waist; hammered, shaped, riveted, medially-ridged

AA, HEN.M.120-1933

Armour / Breastplate (body Armour)


the breastplate is of late 'peascod' form, with a large neck-opening and a short, integral skirt; the tassets are of trapezoidal form, widening slightly to their lower ends; hammered, shaped, riveted, the breastplate decorated with recessed borders and incised lines, the tassets embossed to simulate lames, with incised lines

AA, HEN.M.123-1933

Armour / Gauntlet


formed of a flared cuff, two metacarpal plates, a knuckle-plate and four finger-plates; hammered, shaped, riveted, with fluted, incised and nicked decoration

AA, HEN.M.142-1933

Armour / Stirrup


bronze, with engraved decoration and substantial remnants of gilding

AA, M.3-1950

Objects found: 8653 | Page 1 of 866
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