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Miniature (painting) / Box

De L'Espine, Maria

The shell of a turtle (known as tortoiseshell) was carved, heated and pressed to form a box, the base of which was lined with a grey stone and mounted in gold. The lid was lined with grey silk. The miniature was painted on card, and set under glass with a gold mount.

AA, M.67 & A-1973

Textiles / Picture



AA, T.35-1945

Porcelain / Bowl


glazing, indenting, incising

AA, ML.14A-1992

Lace / Collar


natural cream silk with "wheatears" and Maltese cross design on a plaited ground.

AA, T.15-1991

Embroidery / Panel From A Bed Curtain (x4)


Embroidered with red silk in darning stitch, a small area worked in a lighter red. Panels joined by insertion of stitch in ivory and red silk. Bottom edge finished with buttonhole stitch. the major pattern bands comprise lozenges with branch and stylized bird motifs, the minor bands a simpler branch and bird motif. all are worked on the counted thread.

AA, T.24-1946

Embroidery / Cover Or Valance


Embroidered with red silk in darning stitch. a twisted and knotted fringe attached to three sides.

AA, T.29-1946

Embroidery / Bed Spread (fragment)


Linen, two joined panels. Embroidered with polychrome silks in darning, chain, stem and satin stitch. Two be-ribboned flower vases hold an elaborate arrangement of stylized floral sprays. Each vase is flanked by half human, half animal figures.

AA, T.31-1946

Embroidery / Kerchief


Embroidered in chain, double running, fishbone and satin stitch. At either end there is a large motif of a Cypress tree bearing a floral spray on either side. Both Cypress trees curve inwards, they bear flowers and above them a bird. In between them is a spray formed by a long leaf and flowers

AA, T.36-1946

Embroidery / Panel From A Bedcurtain (x2)


Embroidered in darning and satin stitch. Stepped lines of alternating, paired, broad leaves and branches, which are decorated with single and paired birds and strange animal variously described as a dragon, a griffon or the "Patmos dog". The bottom of an embroidered gable is visible at the top of the panels.

AA, T.41-1946

Embroidery / Kerchief


Linen kerchief embroidered with polychrome silks and gold and silver metal thread in double darning, double running, open hem stitch and needle weaving. Pattern of large sprays.

AA, T.43-1946

Objects found: 940 | Page 1 of 94
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