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Watches / Watch

Watch and chatelaine

Goujon, Stephen

case, gold, with chased decoration; chatelaine, cast and chased

AA, M.2 & A-C-1836

Watches / Watch

Barbere, Jean

piercing, engraving, polishing, riveting, chasing, bluing

AA, M/P.3-1913

Watches / Watch

Meybom, E.

enamelling, engraving, piercing, bluing, chasing, filigree

AA, M/P.8-1913

Watches / Watch

Hacket, Simon

piercing, engraving, riveting, chasing

AA, M/P.47-1913

Watches / Watch

Val, Gabriel du

enamelling, piercing, engraving, bluing, chasing

AA, M/P.7-1913

Watches / Watch

Perigal, Francis

engraving, chasing, piercing, polishing, bluing, turning, faceting, piercing, enamelling, metalwork

AA, M/P.43 & A-1913

Watches / Watch

Cabrier, Charles

engraving, piercing, polishing, bluing, riveting, turning, faceting, chasing, enamelling, metalwork

AA, M/P.42 & A-1913

Watches / Watch

Vauche, Daniel

piercing, engraving, polishing, bluing, enamelling, chasing

AA, M/P.76 & A-1913

Watches / Watch

Verneaux, Francois Claude Clement

enamelling, gilding, chasing, engine turning, polishing, piercing, engraving

AA, M/P.13-1913

Watches / Watch

Jefferys & Jones

piercing, engraving, bluing, chasing, polishing, moulding, riveting, enamelling

AA, M/P.38-1913

Objects found: 18 | Page 1 of 2
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